19 Best Landing Page Tools for Your Business

If you are starting to do business or sell products online, you will surely need to know a little about landing page tools. Unlike a site's home page, which typically contains all the information and menus to explore, the landing page is a page focused on one goal only: converting a visitor into contact or selling an item.

If you have already clicked on an offer received in the email or seen on Facebook, you have certainly been redirected to some sort of landing page. There are several services that make it easy to create and implement on a website, and in this text we select the 19 best landing page tools for your business. Check out the full list below and start testing which one is best for you!

1. Unbounce

Another of the top landing page tools available to website and ecommerce developers. Unbounce, like Instapage, also features drag and drop tools. This means that platforms allow you to create your capture page without having to have a lot of design knowledge, let alone web programming.

Other features include the ability to do A / B testing, ie testing different models to decide which one will be the definitive one, and it also has a good range of ready-made models if you don't want to start from scratch. Click the link to learn more about Unbounce.

2. InstaPages

One of the top landing page tools on the market, InstaPages is also one of the simplest to learn and use. It already comes with a number of ready-made templates, but if you are a designer you can create your own landing page templates yourself and submit them for use with the service without any problems.

It also has responsive design pages that adapt to the user's screen, whether on the computer, smartphone or tablet, among others. You can also create and edit your page directly from InstaPages, which has about 5, 000 resources for authoring.

Which landing page tools have you tested?

Capture pages are essential to the success of any online store, whether you are a retailer of physical items or products. I had already tested some of these platforms before reaching our text. Would you like to recommend any others not on the list? So comment with us and leave your recommendation!

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