20 apps to turn photos into drawings on Android

Photo editing apps always turn out to be a fun way to make your images even more interesting. This applies even more to apps that have different effects and themes, which give a face totally to photos taken with a smartphone. One of the coolest and most used effects today are those that turn photos into a drawing or an artistic painting.

Of course, it can be a bit difficult to pick a really good app from so many available apps that do the same thing, so take the time to list some of the best. Check out our suggestions below!

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is a great photo editing app that, despite bringing numerous filters and effects, focuses heavily on making your images look like artistic drawings. Interestingly, there is a wide variety of styles, from pencil drawing effects to something more elaborate, such as gouache painting.

Other than that, the app is very simple and intuitive to use and can be downloaded completely for free on your Android device. Click here to get it!

2. Dreamscope

Dreamscope is well worth it for the amount of features it offers its users. The cool thing about him is that his photos really look like works of art with the effects on offer, especially because many are inspired by the style of painters like Van Gogh and Picasso.

It takes a little longer for the images to be ready as the process is more complex and higher quality, but you always get a notification when it's all done. Best of all, you can use Dreamscope right in your browser if you find the app too heavy. Check out more about him through this link.

3. SuperPhoto

Another app that focuses mainly on more artistic effects is SuperPhoto, which has much more variety than most apps of this type. In its free version, the app offers over 200 different effects, but in the paid version, you have no less than 1, 500 effects available.

You can turn photos into ordinary drawings, oil painting, pencil sketches, and more. Another interesting fact is that there is a gallery with works created by other users, and you can also post your photos there. Click here to download the app.

4. Photo Lab

Photo Lab is a bit more diverse than the others, as it has effects and features beyond the artistic theme we are addressing in this list. Still, it has an entire section devoted only to drawing and painting effects.

You can download it completely for free on your Android, but you get a lot more options in the paid version. As you might imagine, it is more suitable for those who want to do other types of editing on your photos than just putting artistic effects. Check out more about Photo Lab at this link.

5. Cartoon Camera

The name of this app already kinda says it all. It is designed especially to make your photos look like drawings, except that it does so when you take a photo, not when you edit it. This makes it easier to see what the photo will look like before you take it, and the convenience of having the end result instantly.

Cartoon Camera can be downloaded for free on your Android, but there is a paid version that removes all ads and still offers some extra features. Check out more about the app through this link.

6. Oil Paint

Oil Paint is also a very specific app in what it does, as it does not have several filters and themes like the others we present in this list. Instead, he simply converts his photos to impressionist oil painting version.

Although a bit more limited, this is the perfect app for those who appreciate this kind of artistic style. It can be purchased completely for free through this link.

7. Cartoon Photo

Cartoon Photo is not that different from most apps on our list. It also focuses on art effects and offers its users many different styles. You can make your photos look like pencil sketches, oil paintings, or even more surrealistic.

It can be downloaded for free on your smartphone and is very fast in general use. Click here to check out more about Cartoon Photo.

8. Photo Painter

With Photo Painter, you really can be a lot more creative and have more freedom in editing your photos. There are several effects available, but the interesting thing is that you can combine them in a variety of ways or even use them in just parts of the images.

It has many themes inspired by famous painters, so it is easier to find the artistic style you like best. It can be downloaded for free, but it also offers a paid version with even more features. Click here to check it out!

9. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro, on the other hand, offers a wider range of image editing and can be used for anything other than the artistic themes you have. Moreover, it is very easy to understand and use, being perfect for any type of person.

It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and offers over 40 different effects for you to try. Click here to learn more about Photos Effects Pro.

10. Sketch Guru

Sketch Guru is very interesting because it focuses mainly on the visual style of sketches, being a great app for those who appreciate this type of art. It makes the most of your photos to look like a real sketch, being possible between a color drawing or the more traditional black and white.

It achieves very impressive results overall, especially because it is completely free. You can check out more about Sketch Guru through this link.

11. PopCam

PopCam ends up standing out by making any photo look realistic, whether it's color or just black and white for a more authentic tone. The cool thing is that you can choose from several types of drawing styles, letting you be more creative in editing.

The app can also be taken advantage of for free, but has some in-app purchases if you want an extra feature. Click here to download it on your Android.

12. Sketch Sweet Selfie

So far, we've seen a lot of cool apps that do pretty much the same thing, but Sketch Sweet Selfie is slightly different. As you might guess by name, he specializes in turning his selfies into drawings.

You can choose from a variety of artistic styles or simply what type of material you prefer: pencil, pen, watercolor, pastel, chalk, charcoal, etc. The app can be downloaded for free via this link.

13. Pencil Sketch Effects

Pencil Sketch Effects is another app that has a particular focus: the pencil. It features various drawing styles made in various types of pencil, be it graphite, color, watercolor, etc. There are also some possibilities for customization, but to a limited extent.

The app is completely free, works simply and often transforms photos quickly. You can check out more about him through this link.

14. Pencil Sketch

Similar to the previous app, Pencil Sketch also has as its main theme the transformation of photos into pencil drawings. Interestingly, after choosing the desired style, you can still add some effects like shading, if you want more scribbles or a sketchy look, etc.

It even gives you the option to keep the color of your photos, but the images end up looking much more like drawings if you leave them in black and white. Click here to download Pencil Sketch for free on your smartphone.

15. Cartoon Maker

Cartoon Maker, on the other hand, has a well-defined style, with a more cartoony look than other apps usually offer. There is not so much customization, but it makes your photos look really cool and different from most.

The process of transforming images is very fast and usually makes them very natural. You can download it for free through this link!

In addition to these specific apps for turning your photos into drawings, there are also alternatives to image editing apps that have filters of the same effect. Check them out below!

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