20 best survival games for computers

If you watch survival shows or reality shows and have wanted to feel what it's like to be in a similar kind of experience, you have an alternative that doesn't involve mosquito repellent cans, sleeping in the open or carrying Swiss army knives: survival games. The interesting thing about this type of game is that it is not limited to realistic situations such as surviving in rainforests or scary places, but expands it to other scenarios, such as the futuristic or even in the midst of a zombie-style world in the greatest style. The walking dead. So below are 20 of the best survival games for computers!

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1. Resident Evil 7

Launched in early January 2017, the new entry in the best-known horror gaming franchise, Resident Evil 7 made a kind of return to its origins, while deploying unprecedented mechanics in the series. The result has been praised by audiences and critics, already becoming a potential contender for best game awards of 2017, even if we are only in the first month of the year. Can you survive the strange residence of the Baker family?

2. Astroneer

Get rich or die trying ... but in the 21st century! Astroneer is a game focused on the exploration of planets, which must be searched for riches. By allowing up to four simultaneous players in cooperative mode, you can build bases, change the terrain of the planets, set up excavation operations to the center of the planet, and more. Of course it doesn't stop there, as it will be necessary to overcome obstacles and deal with the hostile environment of each planet.

3. RimWorld

One of the most curious survival games we have come across in building this list. Still in early access, this game brings a narrative generated by artificial intelligence. That is, the algorithms analyze the characters it is commanding and the random events generated by the game to build its story so that no game starts, develops, or ends the same.

Each match, you get three survivors of a space crash who must survive on a strange planet. Each has a different ability, as well as a defect that prevents them from performing some skill types. A farmer who specializes in planting and providing food to his base, for example, cannot be assigned to research and development.

4. Rust

Perhaps the ultimate survival gaming experience. Played without even being dressed on an island and carrying only one stone, the player must face problems such as hunger, thirst and cold to survive, forcing him to move from the moment he logs in to this online game.

Rust is in early access (ie playable but not complete), but much of its functionality is now available, also with stable servers. In addition to finding ways to pack clothes, better weapons, food, and even a roof, you'll still need to interact with other players who can team up or hunt you down. Or both.

5. The Culling

In a mix of Rust and the Hunger Games movies, The Culling also throws the player on an island in the middle of nowhere to survive. But instead of just being a continuous online experience, the goal of the game is really to be the sole survivor. This means that the focus here is not just on staying alive, but on killing competitors. If players take too long to start killing, the island begins to receive poison gas, reducing the "arena".

6. The Forest

As the only survivor of a plane crash, your character is in a lost forest, needing to find a way to survive the dangers of nature. As if that were no longer enough, a tribe of cannibal mutants is also lurking to attack him at any moment, demanding that they flee, hide or arm their teeth so that they become the hunted in turn.

7. 7 Days to Die

We can say that a game that starts with number 7 must appear in position 7 of this list. 7 Days to Die also brings a hint of horror like other survival games on this list. In a world seized by a zombie apocalypse, the task here is to be able to live and not end up becoming food for the undead. As an online game, you can also interact and ally with other players… or use them as zombie bait!

8. Subnautics

With a greater focus on exploration than hostile terrain, Subnautica takes the player to visit the depths of the seas of an alien world. The goal here is to survive this new world, discovered by an accident involving your spaceship. Therefore, the ocean becomes the most suitable place to find resources and colonize this planet and its underwater life.

9. ARK: Survival Evolved

In a similar footprint to Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved also has no appreciation for making their players' avatar appropriately dressed. Other elements are also present here, such as the need to find shelter, food and clothing to survive the cold. Its main and most attractive difference from the other game is the presence of dinosaurs, which can be captured, tamed and trained. Mechanics that allow you to create your own crops and build communities make the title a much improved version of the other survival games on this list.

10. Dead by Deadlight

What makes Dead by Deadlight a unique experience within the survival games on this list is that one of the players takes the role of the hunter monster, while four others are the survivors. The difference here is that there is no possibility of defense and the four must act together to make the hunter lose track and escape his tormentor. Each phase is generated procedurally, meaning no map is the same, which makes the game playable multiple times, as tactics will need to be changed according to what you find.

11. Osiris: New Dawn

In a quest for a new planet to colonize, the Osiris expedition travels through space thanks to new propulsion technology, reaching higher speeds. Like Subnautica and RimWorld, this trip results in an interstellar accident, causing your ship to be destroyed and trapped on an unknown planet.

You will need to work closely with other players and set up a central base while expanding your presence on the planet, facing adverse weather conditions, natural obstacles and the beasts that populate this world. Its main highlight is graphics, comparable to those of multi-million dollar productions.

12. Starbound

With a futuristic theme but a more retro approach - both in graphics and mechanics - Starbound is a two-dimensional open world. As a fugitive from your planet, your ship has been damaged and needs to land on a new planet. In this title, you can choose from 7 different character races and customize it in your own way. In addition to exploring the planet, you can also repair your spaceship and find other worlds and their respective peoples, including recruiting or fighting them.

13. Stonehearth

Escaping from science-fiction-inspired survival games and moving to medieval fantasy, Stonehearth puts him on to guide a small band of settlers into an unexplored location. You will have to build, maintain and expand a village to a city, meeting the demands of the population as you conquer the space around you. The more your city grows, the more attention it attracts and can be attacked by great bosses who will try to take over your territory.

14. Stranded Deep

In the “Castaway” style of Stranded Deep, you become the survivor of a flight that ends up being isolated on an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean. Each new game features an island with different territory to explore, plus the need to be mindful of basic survival needs. You can combine objects to make new ones, as well as build huts or even rafts to try to pull resources from the sea. But beware of sharks!

15. 60 Seconds!

A kind of Fallout Shelter created by an independent studio, in this game you have only 60 seconds to find your family members and survival items to enter a shelter from being hit by an imminent nuclear attack. But the game doesn't end there: after the apocalypse, you'll have to deal with the items and family you've rescued. The situation will force him to make difficult decisions, such as rationing food or even leaving a family member without lunch.

16. Terraria

With an approach that follows adventure and exploration rather than survival, Terraria is one of the most successful games in the indie scene. With a procedurally generated world and pixel-art graphics, inspired by the old games, the title allows you to explore, fight enemies and raise resources for your own buildings. What impresses Terraria is its immense amount of elements, with about 800 items to discover on your trip, among others.

17. Far Cry 4

One of France's biggest franchises Ubisoft, Far Cry 4 will take the player to the Himalayas in the fictional country of Kyrat, ruled by a dictator named Pagan Min. His character visits the country as his mother's last wish and is caught in a war. civilian to remove the dictator.

The highlight of the game is its extensive world, populated by a rich wildlife, containing leopards, eagles and even elephants, among others. Its main highlight is the freedom given to the player to carry out the extensive amount of missions available.

18. Don't Starve Together

As a scientist who ended up in a strange world by accident, Don't Starve Together has a sad and dark atmosphere. In this strange new universe, the scientist will have to collect resources to feed and build a refuge for the night when darkness invades. If you do not get at least one bonfire by the end of the day, you will lose the match and must start over. The title features online cooperative multiplayer mode.

19. The Long Dark

With one of the most competent artistic directions on this list, The Long Dark puts the player in the midst of icy, isolated territory. Unlike other titles on this list, there are no other players, zombies, spaceships, or any other supernatural threats here. The goal of the game is to make you feel lonely as if you were in your own territory, with your only enemy being nature itself.

20. Far Cry Primal

Unlike Far Cry 4, the franchise's most recent title changes the contemporary era for the Stone Age. Instead of assault rifles, the player will be required to use spears, slingshots and bows to hunt wild and gigantic beasts such as the saber-toothed tiger. As the last survivor of his tribe, the player's role is to unite the human race while facing a dangerous tribe that exercises dominion over the world of Oros.

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