21 Best Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Pages

If you are an ecommerce owner, you have certainly heard of landing pages, also called capture pages. For the purpose of guiding a visitor directly to a conversion - be it closing a sale or capturing an email, among others - they make it easier for them to find what they are looking for, without having to navigate the site. looking for what you want. If you think your landing pages are not working, check out 21 tips you can do to optimize your landing pages and make them convert better and better!

1. Use Instapage to generate your capture pages

Instapage is one of the best and most popular landing page creation software. Among its key features, the service allows users to easily create their pages, even if they are not a designer. Its internal collection has more than 5, 000 text fonts and 33 million images available. Another of the great advantages of Instapage is its responsive design, meaning the pages you create on it will be easy to see no matter what device a user is using to access your page.

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2. Alternative: Know Lnadingi too and decide which one is best for you

Besides Instapages, Landingi is also a tool for creating landing pages. It brings a wide variety of photos, designs, and graphics to create your pages, and you don't need programming skills to develop them. Landingi also lets you schedule page publishing, task automation, and is an essential part of generating leads for your business.

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3. Make your landing page easy to navigate

As we discussed in the introduction of this article, the purpose of capture pages is to guide a visitor to a possible purchase or registration on your site. So don't batch your landing page with information, whether it's text or image. Stick only to the main points so that the visitor takes the path he wants him to pursue.

4. Use a simple yet functional structure.

There is a pre-assembled structure to optimize your landing pages and avoid unnecessary information accumulation as mentioned in the previous item. Follow the following structure:

What did you think of our tips for optimizing your landing pages?

We believe your online store will get you more conversions through these tips to optimize your fanpage, but of course we want to hear from you. What tips have you tested? What were the results obtained? Comment with us and make sure you share your tricks too!

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