21 Best Website Design Tools

Once something conceivable only by those who knew HTML programming, today it is not very difficult to create websites and start your own internet business. You no longer need to know much about web development or even Photoshop, as many website designing tools have their own editor for it. That's why we've selected 20 of the best platforms to make your site easy and effective. Check it out below!

1. Nuvemshop

Nuvemshop is the ideal solution for SMEs who want to sell their products (and even services) and boost their own business.

Considered to be the leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, it offers over 40 customizable layout templates, association with Google Analytics and management tools such as Bling, Tiny and Contabilizedi.

It has integration with the largest players in the market - both for shipping (Post Office, Easy Shipping, Jadlog, Loggi etc), as well as payment (PagSeguro, Cielo, Wirecard, Paid Market etc) - and marketing tools such as Mercado Livre. and Instagram Shopping.

It also offers free articles, videos, podcasts, courses and ebooks on entrepreneurship and e-commerce at the University of E-commerce.

2. Wix

One of the best known tools for creating websites opens our list. Wix is ​​a complete and easy-to-use platform with a page editor where you simply drag and drop elements to build your site. It also has free hosting and its own custom domain. That is, it covers all parts of setting up a website. Click the link to see all of its available resources

3. Webnode

Another ideal site design tool for those who need to get a page up and running quickly and as easily as possible. With a ready-made database of images and templates, Webnode promises its users the ability to create a website in less than 5 minutes. It also has templates for creating personal, business-oriented websites and a modality for ecommerce. See full Webnode functionality by clicking on the link.

4. BigCommerce

One of Shopify's biggest competitors, BigCommerce is also geared toward serving users who need to create a virtual store. Among its features, the software allows you to integrate your products into large sites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as having a complete set of tools for your ecommerce, ranging from website hosting to payment. Click the link to learn more about BigCommerce.

5. Duda

Focused on e-commerce and blogging, Duda is an ideal website building tool to promote your business on the web. It allows you to create responsive sites - which adapt and make it easy to read regardless of the screen size a visitor is accessing your site - and also has a drag-and-drop editor.

Duda was also made with loading speed in mind, meaning it optimizes your site so that it loads your site elements faster. Get to know the platform through the link.

6. Squarespace

Following the pattern of the previous three examples, Squarespace is also a website building tool designed for those with no development or web design skills. Also featuring a drag-and-drop editor, the platform features templates for sites in a variety of areas, such as online stores, wedding sites, or an online gallery for artists to showcase their work. Visit the Squarespace website to learn more.

7. Shopify

One of the best known platforms for creating online stores, Shopify is one of the best options in the area. Besides allowing you to create websites to sell your products, it has integration with the Facebook store, allowing you to integrate your catalog and sell through your Fan Page or Instagram profile.

You can also sell infoproducts and applications through Shopify. Like the other tools mentioned, it is also easy to use and register the products that will be sold on its pages and is compatible with various payment methods like PayPal and PagSeguro, in addition to the already traditional payment slip and credit card. Click the link to access Shopify.

Which platform have you used to create websites?

Now that we've made our nominations, it's your turn to tell us: What's the best platform for building websites on the market? Which one have you used? Comment with us and also indicate your favorites!

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