21 online strategy games for Android

You have always enjoyed online strategy games on computers or browsers, but are you considering migrating to Android? With the huge selection of titles, it is common to get confused and maybe end up with some "bombs". That's why we've made a selection of our 21 favorite online strategy games to play on your Android! For iPhone owners, we also recommend checking out the list: Many of the games cited here are also available on the iOS AppStore.

1. Call of Duty: Heroes

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular of video games. Although originally a shooting game, on Android and iOS it was converted to mobile and became one of the online strategy games on this list, becoming Call of Duty: Heroes . You can create your own modern military base. By sending your soldiers and vehicles into battle, you can enlist the help of iconic franchise characters such as eternal Captain Pryce.

2. King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

Inspired by King Arthur's tales, this game puts you to train armies and tame the invincible dragons to take advantage of your opponents. The title has constant disputes against other players and their armies, but you can ally against other groups for dominance in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare .

3. Boom Beach

One of Supercell's most played titles, Boom Beach uses the same formula as another company hit in its composition, but with a modern war theme. That is, machine guns, bazookas, fighters and ships are part of the strategy to dominate a tropical paradise and be best placed in the dispute against other players.

4. Clash of Clans

Perhaps the most successful online strategy game on Android as well as iOS. Clash of Clans was responsible for taking the Supercell studio high. With a cartoony theme and inspiration from Norse mythology, the game lets you build your own army of grumpy soldiers and fantastic creatures to ruin the base of other players and defend yours against total destruction.

5. Clash Royale

Inspired by the previous title, Clash Royale draws inspiration from Clash of Clans, but presents it differently, using a combination of two very popular genres: card games and the infamous MOBA - such as League of Legends and Dota 2 -. Summoning creatures, your goal is to defeat the opponent's towers in matches that take 3 to 5 minutes. It is the first mobile game to be part of electronic sports tournaments.

6. Last Empire: War Z

Even zombie games also have a foot in online strategy games. In Last Empire: War Z, you can face the zombie threat… creating your own army of monsters! With a force made up of both human armed to the teeth and monstrosities, your fight will be for survival even against other humans.

7. VEGA Conflict

One of the oldest games dating to the time of Facebook games, VEGA Conflict is one of the science fiction-themed online strategy games. Instead of soldiers with swords or battle tanks, the goal here is to create a fleet of spacecraft to ensure their dominance in the galaxy. The title features wars against other players and events to shake things up when the galaxy is too peaceful.

8. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

An award-winning mobile tower defense game, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is one of the few paid titles on our list. Despite the large selection of games of the same type being distributed for free, it is easily one of those with the most content, constantly being updated with new types of enemies, heroes and abilities, among others.

9. UniWar

A turn-based game, UniWar is a title that says a kind of "modern chess". Easy to learn but hard to master, it features three different races to choose from and command in a 21-stage campaign, as well as doubles, trios or foursome matches. Elements such as terrain bring greater depth to the title. When playing online, you will receive notifications of when it is your turn to play.

10. World Conqueror 3

The title says a lot already. World Conqueror 3 is a game that has more emphasis on the historical aspect of wars by bringing a map of planet Earth. It has a historical campaign mode, which takes the player through three periods of history: World War II, Cold War and the current wars.

11. Breach & Clear

Another of the paid games on our list, Breach & Clear also exchanges gigantic armies for just one special operations squad. In it, you need to coordinate the actions of your team members to complete missions without losing combatants. The game features real-world squads, and though it's turn-based, the actions of your characters and opponents are executed simultaneously, requiring planning and the ability to predict opponents' actions.

12. Clash of Mafias

A sort of Clash of Clans from the criminal world, Clash of Mafias has similar mechanics, but uses and abuses comic characters. Although the theme sounds serious, the proposal is more of a laugh than any kind of violence. Although, well, we're talking about a game in which you take on the role of a crime boss.

13. Forge of Empires

Quite popular on the Play Store, Forge of Empires follows the pattern of medieval fantasy in its mechanics. Originally released for browsers, the title went to mobile devices - also available for iPhone and iPad - and puts the player in charge of his own city since the Stone Age, evolving it as he plays.

14. Vikings: War of Clans

Inspired by Nordic looters, Vikings: War of Clans features visuals that closely resemble the Age of Empires computer classic. In addition to battles and ground bases, much of their action is also at sea, with their dracars - as the Viking ships are called - cruising, assaulting and pillaging other vessels at sea.

15. Star Trek: Timelines

This is for Star Trek fans who frequent our page. Inspired by the essence of the series, you will have your own spaceship and explore various planets, adjusting which members are best for each function in your crew. Rather than destroying armies, this online strategy game puts you to manage the smallest aspects of your ship to be successful in its missions. Star Trek: Timelines features a Player vs. Player mode with epic space battles.

16. March of Empires

Gameloft's online strategy game also addresses the medieval theme, but features three distinct factions fighting for power: Nordic, medieval knights and Moorish-inspired desert fighters. March of Empires gives you mastery of a castle to make it your personal fortress. From it, you can build your strength to loot and loot other castles, raising your rank in the ranks of this road game.

17. 1941: Frozen Front

Inspired by the European Front of World War II, 1941: Frozen Front portrays the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Taking either side, you can command infantry squads and tanks of the era to reach your goals. Updated with new missions often, the turn-based strategy game also lets you engage in turn-based multiplayer games. It is also possible to play against a close friend by sharing the phone.

18. 1942: Pacific Front

Direct sequel to predecessor, 1942: Pacific Front also deserves mention for its difference from the other. While 1941 tackled the frozen conflicts on Soviet lands, in 1942 the camp is the Pacific Ocean, where the United States and Japan fought gigantic naval battles. With this, the focus and strategies are much more concentrated in maritime disputes, changing the style of the game.

19. Game of War: Fire Age

Known for its infamous TV advertising with singer Mariah Carey, Game of War: Fire Age follows the medieval fantasy style and is one of the most downloaded online strategy games on the Play Store and AppStore, where it is also available. It follows the well-known model of online strategy games like Clash of Clans and Forge of Empires, but has a focus on creating alliances and interaction between players.

20. Star Wars Commander

Especially dedicated to Star Wars fans, you take on the role of a mercenary commander. In Star Wars Commander, you have to choose whether your army will work for the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, and you will be able to create units according to who to ally.

While the Rebellion confers powerful allies such as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, allying with the Empire puts stormtroopers and giant AT-AT walkers at your command… as well as Darth Vader himself!

21. Plants vs. Zombies Free

Closing our list, the classic Plants vs. Zombies Free was one of the first titles and helped mobile online strategy games become popular and grow for what we can see today. In command of friendly plants, you must use your offensive and defensive skills to defend the garden from a zombie attack!

So have you ever played any of these online strategy games? Comment with us what you think and which one do you recommend? If we drop any headlines that you find sensational, don't hesitate to recommend them in our comments section.

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