22 Best Digital Marketing Experts to Follow TODAY

The internet is full of digital influencers. With the popularization of social networks and Youtube, many began to spread their opinion on the network about a topic that feels specialized. With the coming and going of networks, it was not long before businesses began to take advantage of the possibilities of the internet and from there began to form what we know today as digital marketing. If you want to study more and stay up to date, we've made a selection of the top 22 digital marketing experts today to meet and follow up. Check it out below!

1. Luciano Larrossa

Author of the Facebook Book for Business and founder of the Freelancer School, Luciano Larrossa is a Facebook Marketing expert. Although not its only area of ​​expertise - as it can also be found on almost every social network such as Instagram - Luciano's content is especially geared towards commenting on the most popular social media news in the world.

In addition to the news about Facebook, Luciano offers courses to teach you how to use Facebook to leverage your sales and conversions on the network. One such example is the live business broadcasting course, which you can check by clicking on the link. To find out what Luciano has been posting, follow his Facebook fanpage and stay updated!

2. Ana Tex

While Luciano Larrossa specializes in Facebook Marketing, Ana Tex's area of ​​expertise is Instagram. With tips on how to get more conversions, sales and engagement on these social networks, Ana brings courses dedicated to teaching people who want to undertake and apply digital marketing concepts to leverage their business. Check out your new media workshop and follow their content on your Instagram profile.

3. Rafael Rez

Author of the book Content Marketing: The 21st Century Currency, Rafael Rez brings content about digital marketing and its aspects on his website. Terms such as Inbound Marketing, content marketing and leads are explained in the blog.

In addition to the content posted on the blog, it offers courses in the same area, allowing its participants to dig deeper into the subject. To learn more about Rafael's work, be sure to check out the Nova Escola de Marketing fanpage and follow its contents on his Facebook profile.

4. Paulo Faustino

Paulo Faustino is one of the co-founders of the Affiliates Brazil event - the largest in its area in Latin America - and a series of digital endeavors in various markets, including luxury footwear and watches. One of today's leading digital marketing experts, Paulo Faustino has a constant presence as a speaker at digital marketing events, as well as offering tips, advice and storytelling about his career on his digital marketing blog and Facebook page.

5. Jesse Rodrigues

Founder of the Digital Marketing School and professor at ESPM, Jessé Rodrigues produces content and courses on Google AdWords, Analytics and Facebook Ads, among others. In his blog, the author tries to demystify and simplify the elements of digital marketing in order to guide the people who follow his content to find what works for their business.

The author shows the processes, steps and terms common to the area, such as sales funnel, capture pages and email marketing, among others. Track your content on your Facebook profile!

6. Stephen Soares

A social media expert, Estêvão Soares is the founder of Estrategi.ca, a website that specializes in providing online courses and business consulting in the digital field, with a strong focus on data. Rather than focusing on just one social media, Stephen's content is focused on analyzing data and user behavior on those social media. Check out more about your content on your Facebook profile.

7. Cristiano Santos

Former social media coordinator at Editora Globo, Cristiano Santos is one of the digital marketing specialists on the list, not because of his role, but because he knows LinkedIn deeply. Going in a direction normally contrary to most of the professionals mentioned here, Cristiano brings his knowledge in social media focused on networking between professionals.

Cristiano is responsible for the largest LinkedIn group in Brazil, as well as teaching social media classes at recognized educational institutions such as Faculdade Cásper Líbero, SENAC and ComSchool, among others. Follow Cristiano Santos's background and content on his LinkedIn profile.

8. Conrado Adolpho

Inventor of the 8P method - based on the traditional marketin 4Ps - Conrado Adolpho is one of the leading digital marketing experts. For 10 years in the field, he has also addressed his own aspects of entrepreneurship and is the founder of a course that helps future entrepreneurs create their own mindset to build their business from scratch or leverage the existing one. Track your content through your Facebook fanpage.

9. Martha Gabriel

Author of 5 books in the field of digital marketing and education, Martha Gabriel offers courses and lectures that integrate both subjects, also dealing with innovation and business. She was considered one of the top 100 technology teachers and is among the top 50 marketing bloggers. Track your work on your Facebook page.

10. Camilo Coutinho

Camilo Coutinho specializes in digital video marketing, with a YouTube channel that talks about video marketing, video editing and SEO, among others. On your page, you can check out content on how to start your own channel and be a youtuber, as well as tips for recording various types of YouTube video and news.

11. Pedro Camarez

Like Cristiano Santos, Pedro Camarez's focus is on LinkedIn. Lecturer and teacher, the content conveyed energetically in your lectures involves teaching your students - whether they are people or business representatives - to be successful at using LinkedIn.

He offers training on how to use LinkedIn to leverage your digital marketing, as well as talk about topics in other areas such as Human Resources and B2B Sales. Learn more about your career and content on your LinkedIn profile.

12. Marco Gouveia

Specializing in SEO, Marco Gouveia offers digital marketing consulting focused on your page traffic and search engine ranking. In his courses, he covers topics such as Google AdWords, SEO and Facebook Ads, to help companies and professionals optimize their return on investment. Learn more about your material by visiting your site.

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13. Gary Vaynerchuck

Owner of one of the world's largest digital marketing agencies, Gary Vaynerchuck can use the title "guru" well. On his blog, one of the top digital marketing experts on the planet makes announcements about his company, makes his event calendar available, and gives entrepreneurs and social media tips and advice to his visitors.

14. Seth Godin

With 18 bestsellers published and leading two companies, author Seth Godin talks about business, philosophy, economics and - obviously - digital marketing, among many other related topics. In addition to his books and blog, Seth Godin also offers online courses on platforms like Udemy.

One of his best-known lectures can be found at this link, where he talks about how the internet ended mass media and made us return to a more tribal-like interaction. Check out the lecture - with Portuguese subtitles - by accessing the link.

15. Jon Loomer

Facebook Marketing expert Jon Loomer creates specific content for advanced Facebook users who want to further improve their knowledge of the platform. Rather than training just about using Facebook for business, the courses offered by the professional involve better use of Business Manager and Facebook Pixel to track their campaigns. Learn more and follow your content on your Facebook fanpage.

16. Mari Smith

Also one of the Facebook-focused digital marketing experts, Mari Smith is the fourth-largest social media personality according to Forbes magazine. Through her fanpage, she publishes texts, videos and live streams with news about Facebook, as well as her opinions and promotion of her courses and lectures.

17. Philip Kotler

We cannot say exactly that Philip Kotler is one of the experts in digital marketing today or only on this subject, covering marketing as a whole. Author of the internationally known Marketing Administration: The Marketing Bible, which is currently in its 12th edition and is a must-read in several Marketing or Business courses around the world.

18. Timothy Ferriss

Bestseller author Work 4 Hours a Week, Tim Ferriss works hard on productivity, demystifying and deconstructing concepts such as the 9 to 5 workday, for example. Its content is one of the most read on the web and its podcast, called The Tim Ferriss Show, is the most downloaded from the business area on iTunes. Learn more about your work by visiting your blog.

19. Robert Cialdini

Professor of Psychology and Marketing, Robert Cialdini is also an author, responsible for the bestseller The Psychology of Persuasion, originally released in 1984 and reissued in 2001 under the title The Weapons of Persuasion . It currently has a website called Influence at Work, which is used to promote new book releases, event attendances and lectures, among others.

20. Joanna Wiebe

Co-founder of Copy Hackers, Joanna Wiebe is one of the greatest copywriting personalities and uses her career knowledge to teach other professionals in the field how to write better Facebook, email and blog ads. On her website, she also makes content available for freelancers and produces articles on growth marketing .

21. Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu works on training new experts in digital marketing and Facebook Marketing. In your content, the guru talks about the issue of fast content or quality content, explaining why it is often better to take longer to work on content than just faster, in order to achieve better results.

He currently serves as chief technology officer (CTO) at BlitzMetrics, an agency that works in partnership with universities around the world to teach digital marketing. Track your work on your fanpage.

22. Ryan Deiss

Founder and current CEO of DigitalMarketer - specializing in courses for individuals or business - Ryan Deiss is one of the biggest names in the industry, always acting and testing new digital marketing formulas. The results are constantly published on this page, along with tutorials and texts on market practices. To track your content, you can also follow it on Twitter.

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