22 Best Things You Can Do With Apple Watch

Using a smartwatch may not make much sense, especially considering that we already have a smartphone almost all the time. But that does not mean that wrist accessories do not have their value or can bring even more utility or fun to your daily life. That's why we've compiled a list of the 22 best things you can do with Apple Watch, whether it's facilitating, fun or even surprising!

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1. Make a false advance

A special function for those who have delay problems. Apple Watch lets you make a fake postponement of up to 59 minutes. That is, the clock will show the time 59 minutes ahead of the actual time, although it is computing the time correctly. Notifications will show the correct time they were received, meaning that the early time will appear only to you.

2. Reply to text messages

One of the best things to do with Apple Watch, answering text messages right from the wrist is very practical, although it can be difficult to type on such a small screen. You can reply to standard SMS and iMessage, allowing you to send ready replies or use Siri to respond. The smartwatch messaging app lets you view conversation histories. It is also possible to send messages via Facebook.

3. No need to take iPhone to the race

Apple Watch already has a built-in GPS, not requiring the iPhone for your running session. Apple's smartwatch also has greater accuracy in distance and speed counting. When you finish the race, you can see the route made on the phone.

4. Share Your Heartbeat

Maybe the intention was to help people share their health with a friend or doctor, maybe the intention is to use Apple Watch to send a teaser to the person they like. No matter why, but the various uses - whether useful or fun - of the function guarantee you a spot on our list of the best things to do with Apple Watch.

5. Use Apple Pay

While many stores and services do not use Apple Pay, Apple smartwatch can make Apple Pay compatible payments much simpler. That is, simply pull the payment option on the watch and touch it to the reader without pulling the iPhone or your wallet from your pocket.

6. Own Emojis!

Apple Watch also has its own emojis, which can be sent to other similar watches or to your contacts' iPhone. On smartwatch, they will be animated and on iPhone will be seen as still images.

7. Use in water without worrying

From the Apple Watch Series 2, you can swim, walk in the rain, and any other water activity up to 50 meters deep - so just don't try to dive with it. Important : The original Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1 do not have the protection of the mentioned model, so please exclude this item from your list if you use either.

8. Track your progress in exercise

Apple Watch more accurately calculates details such as distance and speed. However, it does not stop there, presenting other metrics about the progression of daily exercise. Things like calories burned and exercise time are also recorded and can be tracked.

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9. Receive notifications from iPhone

By connecting to iPhone, Apple Watch can be set to receive notifications from your smartphone as well. The watch allows you to configure which types of notifications you will receive - emails, instant messengers, social networks, etc. - so you will only be bothered with notifications that are important to you.

10. Customize your screen

Tired of the original screen? No problem, you can download and use new ones for a change of air. The many faces available for Apple Watch can also be functional, such as exercise-only and even some that let you read the time like the old analog watch.

11. See quick info

One of Apple Watch's most useful features is Glances, which is similar to iPhone notifications, although they work differently. You can configure the types of news and apps that send information to the clock - such as weather, important calendar events, etc. - and they can be viewed on screen and swept away.

12. Applications

It wouldn't be a smartwatch if you couldn't install apps, right? Apps offer many possibilities on what to do with Apple Watch. From tracking races to tracking your health as we mentioned and even controlling the TV. It has been announced that even the Pokémon GO phenomenon can be played on the smartwatch.

13. Use Maps without taking iPhone out of pocket

Have you ever been lost for fear of taking iPhone out of your pocket to check the map? Apple Watch is the perfect solution. Although it is also risky to use it, it is more discreet and can be confused with an ordinary clock, allowing you to better check your route without being too vulnerable. Nevertheless, Apple Watch issues different notifications at each turn telling you which direction you are heading if you prefer to keep it under your sleeve.

14. Submit drawings made on Apple Watch

Yes, even drawings can share on Apple's smart watch. They are made on the device's own screen and can be sent to other watches. Drawing on such a small canvas is a giant creative challenge in itself!

15. Access Contacts Quickly

Making calls, texting, and sharing heartbeats or drawings would not be helpful if contacts could not be accessed. Like most things you can do with Apple Watch, this process is also very fast and can be done by pushing the side button of the watch.

16. Using Siri

As we mentioned in previous items, the Siri virtual assistant becomes even more useful in Apple Watch. Using it allows you to route, access contacts, dictate text messages to send, and many other possibilities. However, you must be connected to iPhone to use it.

17. Read emails

As we mentioned in the notifications item, your account's configured emails can also be viewed on the Apple Watch. You can check the notification, open the email, mark the message as read, or open a reply window on the connected iPhone.

18. Listen to music

By connecting Apple Watch to a Bluetooth headset, you can listen to music through the watch. Your options are more limited as they let you play music that syncs with your iTunes library or Apple Music service, but others like Spotify are left out.

19. Submit Your Location

Apple Watch also lets you send your location to a contact, thanks to its built-in GPS. Just open the messaging app and press the screen to open a menu of options, including sharing where you are with the recipient.

20. Preview your photos

Apple Watch can also access and display your iPhone photos through iCloud. Up to 500 photos can be imported from the smartphone, which can be placed as the screen face. A recent update lets you set it to show a different photo on the screen each time you turn on the clock.

21. Find Your Lost iPhone

Similar to Find my iPhone, Apple Watch lets you find if you have lost your iPhone if they are connected. The distance limitation for the connection prevents it from being stolen, but it works very well in cases where you have forgotten where you left your phone.

22. Answer Calls

Apple Watch lets you answer calls right on the watch. Although the function requires that you also have your iPhone nearby, it prevents you from having to take your phone out of your pocket. Remember that this only works for standard calls, as Apple Watch does not allow you to answer calls through FaceTime, for example. However, you can answer the call and transfer it to iPhone.

Another important warning is that the watch has speakers and a microphone, but no headphone jack. Therefore, it is important to note where and what you are going to talk about, as close people will also be able to hear both parties.

What do you enjoy doing most with Apple Watch?

The watch is a great facilitator, especially with the functions allowed by connecting to the iPhone. Now we ask you what are the best functions you can do with Apple Watch? Comment with us and share these tips on your social networks!

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