22 Instapage Features for Your Website Landing Pages

If you plan to have a website to offer services or market products, it is ideal that you work with landing pages . The term is used to define the first pages a user visits when they enter your site. For example, upon receiving the email with a promotion, the person clicks on the link and is directed to a page with more details. This page is characterized as a landing page. If you are looking for a tool to build this type of page, we recommend Instapage, dedicated exclusively to them. So check out 22 Instapage features below and learn how to build a page that yields conversions.

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1. Customizable templates and template download / upload

If you don't have the design skills to build your landing page, Instapage offers over 100 templates that you can use and edit according to your branding. Consider that templates meet the different types of conversions you want for your site. You can also download platform models or upload your own.

2. Responsive Design

Instapage is a constantly updated platform. Therefore, the templates contained in it have responsive design, that is, adapt to the screen size of the device from which a user is accessing your page, whether on the computer, smartphone or tablet.

3. Thank you or confirmation pages

When the user enters the information to close the conversion - whether it's the email newsletter signup or a purchase - the platform also has thank you or confirmation page templates to use on your site. Choose the one that best fits your goals and edit it as you like.

4. Landing Pages Editor

Instapage's landing page editor has a wealth of built-in features to build your landing pages. The site bank has about 5, 000 fonts for the text and 33 million images available to include on its page.

5. Widget and countdown insertion

Especially useful for those using limited offers on your site, one of Instapage's functions allows you to enter a countdown timer with the time left for an offer to close. You can also insert widgets with various features, such as a call-to-action (CTA) button and videos, for example.

6. Entering Custom Codes and Fonts

Even though most platforms like Instapage are geared toward those who don't have as many programming skills, that doesn't mean it's unnecessary for those who are knowledgeable. The tool allows you to use custom code and send fonts to use on landing pages if a more unusual solution is needed.

7. Image Editor and Organizer

In addition to the large collection, Instapage also has an internal editor and allows you to save and organize the images you use on your landing page. Thus, the user has faster access to the images used and can make changes without major problems.

8. Backups from Previous Versions

Instapage keeps track of the changes you make to your landing page. In addition to just keeping track of what has changed, the platform also backs up, allowing you to return your page to an earlier version, making it easy to fix problems.

9. Form Editor and Confirmation Messages

In addition to editing your page and the images you use, you can also change the information you request from visitors through forms. The tool also has different response formats that visitors can request. The confirmation message after given the answers can also be edited.

10. Immediate Delivery of Digital Items

For those who sell digital products, this is one of the features of Instapage that will be greatly enjoyed. Instapage can be configured so that when the visitor closes the conversion - whatever it is - the platform sends an email immediately making the product available.

11. Lead Backup

Leads collected through landing pages created in Instapage also feature regular and automatic backups across the platform. In addition, you can also import or download them.

12. Custom Domain

Instapage can be used with any domain. This means that the landing pages created on it will keep their name intact, without putting something like “yourite.instapage.com”. That way you won't risk not complying with AdWords and getting some kind of penalty.

13. Building Page Groups

One of the most interesting aspects of the platform is its focus on helping professionals stay organized. In addition to an image organizer and page and lead backups, the tool also allows you to build ad groups. That is, it is possible from the outset to separate and filter the landing pages created according to the ads you will use.

14. Possibility to schedule A / B tests

A / B Testing is the name given to the practice of testing one method over a period of time and then testing another for the same period to compare the results. In the case of landing pages, this is done by creating a specific page, leaving it active for that period, and then creating another page with the same purpose to ultimately decide which one is best. One of the best features of Instapage is to enable and facilitate this kind of practice.

15. Own tracking code

You can enter a Pixel code for external tracking on landing pages made in Instapage. This means that you will be able to track any conversion made by the page, but not necessarily ending on it. For example, a landing page that takes you to the shopping area of ​​the site but is not processed there.

16. Real Time Reporting

No matter which device you are using, you can track the results of your landing pages created on the platform. That is, even if you're on the go and accessing the tool from your mobile phone, you'll still be able to know what your current conversions are.

17. Different levels of access

Hardly a website - be it content, online courses or ecommerce - is touched by one person. If you are a member or manager of a marketing team and need your team to be able to view or edit your campaigns, you do not need to give them your login information. One of Instapage's functions is the ability to give different levels of account access to your sites.

18. Unlimited Landing Page Creation

This item becomes self-explanatory. There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can create on the platform, regardless of your plan.

19. Unlimited Visitors

Similar to the previous item. Instapage does not limit your plans to the number of people who have visited your landing pages, and this limit is unlimited across all plans.

20. 24 hour support

The platform's customer service is available at any time. You can access it by voice, online chat system on your dashboard or opening tickets via email.

21. Landing Page Analysis

In addition to supporting common issues and questions, Instapage has a team that also specializes in page evaluation. This means you can submit a landing page designed for review by the team and receive feedback to apply improvements to it.

22. Integration with external applications

Another of Instapage's functions is its integration with various external applications, such as Facebook and CRM systems like SalesForce. Platforms such as WordPress allow you to publish landing pages as a site extension and add captured emails to your MailChimp contact base.

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Instapage is one of the most powerful tools for creating your capture pages, regardless of the current purpose of digital marketing for your business. Because of this, we recommend you try the 14 free days offered by the platform. This way you can assess the potential of the tool and how much profit it can generate through its use. Just click on the link to start testing Instapage and create your first landing page!

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