25 best widgets for iOS 10

Available to speed up your smartphone use, widgets are part of some apps that allow you to use some basic functions of this app directly from the lock screen. That is, even with your phone locked, you can pull the notification center from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and use a feature - such as sending an email - without having to unlock the phone or even open the app in question. . IOS 10 has reshaped the way widgets are used on Apple devices, making them more affordable.

Note: To access your widgets screen, swipe right on the lock screen!

1. Launcher

This widget no longer allows you to access the settings app as in previous versions of iOS. However, the vast majority of functions are still present and are still one of the most useful widgets in the system, allowing you to launch multiple apps before you even unlock your phone or tablet. Click the link to download Launcher.

2. Wikipedia 1

The iOS app for the largest collaborative information portal has two iOS widgets. The first allows you to restart an article from where you left off, without having to start reading again from scratch.

3. Wikipedia 2

The second widget provided by Wikipedia is a good option for finding interesting articles. The widget sends your recommendation daily with the best readings of the day. Download the Wikipedia app from iTunes.


The ESPN sports channel has a widget in its app for fans who want to know what happens in their favorite sport. In the widget you can track the results of matches in real time. Check out ESPN's iTunes app.

5. WhatsApp

Among the widgets on this list, WhatsApp is one of the most useful widgets. Through it, you can access any of your active conversations without having to unlock the screen and open the app. Click WhatsApp for iOS to download Messenger, one of the best online chat apps for mobile devices.

6. Shazam

The app for discovering songs that are playing in the environment has a widget that can make you never open the app again. Through it, simply tap its icon on the lock screen and it will recognize the songs you are listening to. Download Shazam from iTunes.

7. Authy

This security app that lets you enable 2-step authentication on your phone has a widget that lets you get the required codes right from your notification screen. Note that the codes are not exposed on the screen itself, but your access to them. Authy is available on iTunes.

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8. PCalc

This calculator app makes it easy to do your math. Its widget allows you to perform operations without unlocking the phone and has two modes: the first has the calculator in one line and the second has its expanded version, taking up more screen space but with more possibilities. The free version of the app also supports the widget and is available on iTunes.

9. Amazon

The Amazon widget has a very simple function: tracking the delivery status of your purchases in real time. Despite having only this function, the process is much more agile, no need to search for tracking code or login to the site or app to do this tracking. Click the link to download the app from Amazon.

10. Fantastical 2

Despite being a paid app ($ 2.99 on iTunes), Fantastical 2 has one of the best widgets on iOS 10. Through it you can access a full calendar and by tapping on a specific day you can see which events are scheduled for that day. All this without leaving the lock screen!

11. Yelp

The restaurant search app also has a widget on iOS 10. It has shortcuts to check which restaurants or other establishments are near your location. Download from iTunes.

12. Do Button at IFTTT

With a focus on making it easy to activate multiple functions on your phone, Do Button has a widget that makes it even easier. In the app you can define what tasks your device will perform by pushing a specific button. In the widget, the buttons are already available on the lock screen. Learn more about Do Button at IFTTT on iTunes.

13. Musixmatch

Perfect app for shower singers, although we can't recommend using your smartphone while showering. Musixmatch shows the lyrics of a song as it plays on your smartphone. The widget facilitates this process by showing the letter already on the lock screen. Click the link to download Musixmatch.

14. Weather Underground

Although iOS has a native weather app, Weather Underground is one of the most versatile options in this area. Its iOS widget lets you check weather information at that time, as well as forecasts for the next six hours or forecasts for the next day. Meet Weather Underground at the Apple Web Store.

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15. Day One

Day One is an application that lets you set up a kind of diary on your phone, which can include photos and notes about your day. The widget lets you see the entries you made in the near past and anything you posted on the day. The app is available on iTunes.

16. Evernote

The best-known note-taking app Evernote also has a widget on iOS 10. Here you can check out a random note for the day. Expanded, you can access up to three of these notes. Another feature of it is to let you open your most recurring tasks with agility. Evernote can be downloaded from iTunes.

17. Workflow

Workflow lets you automate your tasks in conjunction with other applications on your iPhone or iPad. In the widget, you can perform basic actions like recording your weight so that the app can do BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations, for example. Workflow is available on iTunes.

18. Dropbox

The cloud storage service offers a widget that shows what your last four files were sent to the cloud. By touching one of them, you will be able to view in the app. Click the link to download Dropbox.

19. Todoist

One of the most used to-do apps in the world, Todoist has a widget that lets users see what their daily tasks are. You can also mark them as complete directly from the lock screen. The app is available on iTunes.

20. Pedometer ++

Dedicated to those who like to run or walk, the Pedometer ++ widget allows the user to see directly from the lock screen the number of steps they have taken while walking, with a color indicator that shows how they are performing on the day. Check out more about Pedometer ++.

21. Trello

Another productivity and teamwork app, Trello lists and cards can be viewed directly from the widget. It also allows you to add new cards or photos without leaving the lock screen. Click the link to download Trello.

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22. TripAdvisor

The most commonly used travel app for getting recommendations, the TripAdvisor widget shows some of these recommendations based on user ratings. Tapping one of them takes you to the app to read reviews and get more information. TripAdvisor is available on iTunes.

23. Copied

This app is one of the most useful in iTunes, as is its widget. Copied has only one function: to show what content is copied to your clipboard. In the widget, you can see this directly from your lock screen, as well as past entries. Download Copied from iTunes.

24. IMDB

The best reference source for movie and TV fans, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) application has two widgets. The first shows which artists are having birthdays on the day, while the other shows the last three movie trailers to be released. Click the link to download the IMDB application.

25. Drafts

Last but not least, the widget provided by Drafts app is one of the most productive. It allows you to take notes directly in the widget and, by expanding the screen, shows the last eight notes made in the app. Click the link to download Drafts on iTunes.

What are your favorite widgets on iOS 10?

Widgets are one of the best tools in iOS 10, saving a lot of time for those who learn to use it. So we strongly recommend you give it a try and be sure to tell us what you think and what your favorites are in our comments section!

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