30 best Apple Watch apps

Although smartwatches are not as popular as previously thought, they can still be very useful for the applications you can install and use on them. Of course it can be a little confusing to know what you should and should not install on your device, especially with so many options available. To help you with that, we have separated no less than the best Apple Watch apps today. Check out the list below!

1. Calcbot

Since Apple didn't put a calculator app on the smartwatch, there are some third party apps that can do this very well.

Our biggest recommendation is Calcbot, which is very simple to use even on the tiny Apple Watch screen. Click here to download it.

2. Camera Plus

For those who have wanted camera control of their iPhone directly through Apple Watch, the Camera Plus app is still the best app for that.

In addition to helping you take photos or recordings, the app also gives you a live preview of what will be captured. Other than that, you can switch between the front and rear camera at any time. Click here to download it.

3. Timecrest

Timecrest is a very interesting science fiction game that helps you pass the time with your smartwatch. Also, it is not very linear and lets you make your own choices to shape the path you follow in the game.

The cool thing is that if you download the game on your iPhone, you can keep playing exactly where you left off on Apple Watch and vice versa. The game is perfect to pass the time and you can download it through this link.

4. Carrot Weather

If it's good to have a weather and weather app on your smartphone, it can be even more useful on your Apple Watch.

Carrot Weather is a very popular iOS app that is well suited for Apple's smartwatch. Other than that, it has a very simple and informative interface. You can download it from this link.

5. Citymapper

Citymapper is a great app to let you know about public transportation in your city, as well as give you directions to your destination with ease.

Unfortunately, it still doesn't support all the great citizens of the world, but it's a great app to use when traveling. Click here to download it.

6. Elevate Brain Training

Elevate Brain Training is perfect for those who really enjoy writing, math, logic and more. The full app can be purchased on iPhone, but you can also download a special version for your Apple Watch.

There are new specific challenges to play and solve quickly throughout the day, perfect for a smartwatch. You can download Elevate Brain Training through this link.

7. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is another weather forecast app, but it focuses much more on letting you know if it's going to rain in the area you are in or somewhere you will go later.

It is very useful, light and shows you very quick and simple notifications according to any major climate change. Click here to check out the app.

8. Evernote

Anyone who likes productivity apps should already know Evernote very well. In the smartwatch version, it remains useful, especially for taking notes.

You can read your most recent notes or create something new that will be saved across all of your service-connected devices. Click here to download it.

9. Nuggetz

Nuggetz is a very interesting game that tests your reflexes in a very fun way, either on iPhone or Apple Watch. In it you will see color names written in several other colors, so you have to choose the right alternative based on the text rather than your color.

It may sound simple, but it really ends up shaking many people's heads. Other than that, it turns out to be a very fun, challenging and catchy game to play on your smartwatch. To download it, just click this link.

10. Facebook

Amazingly, even Facebook has an app tailored for Apple Watch. Of course, this version is not so complete, but you can see notifications and their received messages.

You can also reply to messages and see some news in your feed. Click here to download the app for your smartwatch.

11. Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is an app that gives you access to a variety of healthy and vegetarian recipes right on your Apple Watch.

You can search and bookmark your favorite recipes, which will appear on your iPhone. Other than that, the app even has a timer to help you cook the recipes at the right time. Click here to download the app.

12. Trivia Crack

If you like trivia games, Trivia Crack should be perfect for you to enjoy on your Apple Watch throughout the day. It offers challenges and questions on a variety of subjects, which you can play with friends of your Facebok or with random people.

The game is very fun and addictive, and can be enjoyed in its full form on smartwatch, without the need to download the app on your tablet or smartphone. Trivia Crack can be downloaded via this link.


IFTTT is a very simple and useful app that helps you automate certain tasks with your favorite apps. It has support for Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Google Assistant, etc. Click here to purchase the app.

14. QUEStiny

QUEStiny is another very cool and fun game with many puzzles, but all focusing on your memory. The goal is to collect various treasure chests while avoiding various obstacles that appear on the screen. At the beginning of each phase, you will see a brief layout of the safest path to follow, having to remember this for the rest of the game.

Since the game is native to Apple Watch, you also don't depend on your iPhone or iPad to fully enjoy it. You can click here to download it on your smartwatch.

15. Instagram

The Instagram app for Apple Watch is very interesting, especially if you really enjoy using social networking in your daily life.

With it, you can see your news feed, like posts, and even leave emojis as comments. Click here to install the app.

16. Rules!

Already the Rules! is another very fun puzzle game that should stimulate your mind in everyday life, being one of the most popular apps on the App Store. The game can be downloaded on your iPhone and Apple Watch and you can continue playing on any of the devices.

There are several challenging mini games and some even a little tricky to try out. The good thing is that most can be played quickly, making it the perfect game for your smartwatch. You can download it directly from this link.

17. iTranslate

As its name implies, this is a very useful translation application to have on your Apple Watch. There is good support for many different languages ​​and it turns out to be perfect for travel. Click here to download it.

18. Lifesum

Lifesum is another app for those who like to maintain a healthy life. It is for you to schedule your meals to know how many calories you consumed on the day. You can download the app through this link.

19. WarpJammer

If you loved playing arcade games, WarpJammer should definitely not miss your Apple Watch game list. The game consists of a simple alien shooter that can still be very fun and addictive, especially for those who love games of this genre.

Plus, the looks are really beautiful and the gameplay is very fluid. Best of all, this is another app that can be fully exploited on your Apple Watch, without relying on the iPhone. The game can be downloaded via this link.

20. Peak

Peal is a great app to pass the time when you're bored, as it has many games and challenges that you can enjoy anytime.

Best of all, most games help with your memory, focus, and agility. You can check the app through this link.

21. Runtastic

Runtastic, on the other hand, is the perfect app for those who like to run as their preferred exercise. With the app installed and Apple Watch on your wrist, it will show you the distance you travel, your speed, duration, calories burned, etc.

This is much more useful than just having the app on your iPhone, as you would have to check it more often. Click here to download the app.

22. Sonic Dash 2

It may even seem strange to put a Sonic game on our list, as you would be expected to have the time and attention to enjoy a game of blue hedgehog. But the gameplay of Sonic Dash 2 is so simple and intuitive that it can be experienced with peace of mind even on smartwatch.

As Sonic runs nonstop, you have to pay attention to jumping or dodging obstacles that appear. You can also keep playing on the iPhone, which is a good alternative to more difficult stages of tracking on Apple Watch. The game can be downloaded at this link.

23. Shazam

It can be pretty annoying to hear a song you like and not know (or don't remember) its name or the artist who is playing it. Fortunately, you can use Shazam to find out this information.

The app just needs to listen to a piece of music and be connected to the internet to give you all the details. Click here to download it.

24. Pong Watch Game

Pong is one of the most classic games in history, so you don't even need to make an extensive introduction to it. It is possible that this game has already appeared somewhat on most existing gaming platforms and now it also comes to Apple Watch.

The controls are very simple to understand (as expected from a game like Pong) and you can play against the computer anytime. The only negative is that the app is paid, unlike most of the games we list here. Anyway, you can download it from this link.

25. Runeblade

Runeblade features controls and mechanics that are completely optimized for the smartwatch, making it much easier and more fun to enjoy and play than simple ported versions.

The game consists of a very traditional RPG, with various missions, characters, magic elements and everything you would expect from a very complete mobile game. You can download Runeblade at this link.

Apart from the main apps we presented above, there are also some alternative apps you might like. Check them out below:

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