The 30 Best Mac Wallpapers

There's no doubt that the design you choose for Apple products is always beautiful, especially your computers like the Mac and Macbook. Of course, to make them even more interesting, there is nothing better than simply separating a very special wallpaper for your computer.

That's why we have separated some of our favorite wallpapers from our list today. In this case, they are all about Apple, its products, and even its co-founder Steve Jobs. You can check the previews of our selection right here, but if you want to download any of them, just click on the name of the chosen wallpaper to download at the original resolution. Check out the result below!

1. Apple Event

There's nothing like using Apple's own event presentation background as wallpaper on your Mac.

2. Stars

Or maybe if you're looking for something a little more psychedelic, this option has great colors!

3. Apple

How about a more colorful mosaic apple to use as a wallpaper on your Mac?

4. Apple 2

Didn't like the previous colors and are looking for something even more vibrant? This one can still serve using the same mosaic idea.

5. Wood

Or for something more rustic and elegant, a dark wood-looking wallpaper and company logo can be a great choice.

6. Water

A really cool design of the Apple logo presented as water makes for a great wallpaper.

7. Space

Or maybe the standard apple in the center of this composition with bold colors reminiscent of space

8. Sierra

Nothing like stars and constellations with a cool hue created for the Sierra.

9. iPod

There is nothing wrong with including other Apple devices and devices as your Mac wallpaper.

10. Colorful Logo

For an even more vibrant and truly colorful option, this wallpaper looks really beautiful in the background of your screen.

11. Siri on macOS

Another wallpaper dedicated to Sierra to style your computer background.

12. Red

Or do you prefer something more discreet and elegant like this image with beautiful shades of red?

13. Spotlight

A really simple but well made wallpaper can solve more minimalist needs.

14. Light

This background is really beautiful, highlighting the logo as lighting and still protecting your eyes by not offering strong and clear colors.

15. iOS

However, if bold and bright colors are exactly what you're after, this iOS wallpaper is a good choice for your Mac.

16. Steve Jobs

In memory of one of the biggest minds responsible for making Apple what it is today.

17. Spectrum

Another option with the dark background, but this time with more colors to beautify your computer.

18. Orange

Are you an orange fan too? Then you'll enjoy this logo featured on this warmly colored background.

19. Ink

Especially for designers and artists, paint the background of your Mac with contrasting colors.

20. Macbook Pro

Do You Own a MacBook Pro? Then consider this simple but elegant wallpaper.

21. Golden

A really cool composition with the Apple logo highlighted in gold and gold dust effects.

22. Macbook Air

We know you like Macs, so we suggest a Mac as the background for your Mac!

23. Mavericks

With Sierra-focused options on our list, we couldn't help but suggest a wallpaper for Mavericks, the tenth version of the operating system.

24. iPhone

A well-crafted photograph of an iPhone also serves very well as a background on your Mac.

25. Retro Apple

How about using one of the older versions of the company logo? This logo was used by the company between 1976 and 1998, did you know that?

26. Embroidery

Another really simple option, with soft colors and a nice result to style the background of your computer.

27. Pixel

Another memo to Steve Jobs, this time bringing the class and wit of pixel art.

28. Minimalist

Another minimalist logo and very colorful with the colors of our flag to beautify the background of your Mac.

29. OS X

Or you may prefer this more futuristic wallpaper, people will probably ask if it's about the operating system or maybe the X-Men.

30. Lights

To close our list of Mac wallpapers, another cool presentation of Apple's 1976 logo, this time designed as lights.

Did you like Mac wallpapers?

Can you take advantage of our full list of Apple themed wallpapers to find the perfect wallpaper to use on your Mac or Macbook? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the options and which one is your favorite.

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