30 best marketing books to learn more about

Marketing is one of the most complex and increasingly addressed subjects in everyday life. Unfolding into various strands and terms, there are endless publications on the subject, written by the most different gurus in the area. So it is easy to feel lost in the midst of so many publications in the area and you end up not reading any. To narrow your options, check out 30 of the best marketing books to learn more about it!

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1. Facebook for Business

In its second edition, the book Facebook for Business helps the digital entrepreneur understand how Facebook works and how to leverage their business through the most widely used social media in the world. Written by Luciano Larrossa, the book teaches its reader how to create and configure their Facebook pages, offers tips for content creation that engages followers, and how to analyze the results of their campaigns. Click the link to learn more about the book.

2. Marketing 3.0

One of the world's largest marketing books by Philip Kotler - considered the pope of marketing and one of 22 marketing personalities to start following today - Marketing 3.0 takes the customer concept and expands it to all areas. of marketing. The book seeks to catch up on past issues, trying to keep up with changing customer behavior in recent years and how the entrepreneur should deal with it.

3. The Purple Cow

One of Seth Godin's bestsellers - who will appear on this list again and again - The Purple Cow is considered his best selling book. In it, the author discusses stories from companies like StarBucks and Apple to show how entrepreneurs should think of their good products so that it is good enough to receive a marketing campaign in the first place.

4. SPIN Selling

As a result of research that took 12 years to complete, this book by author Neil Rackham deals with how some sales tactics work and others don't. The book also teaches how to prepare for meetings and how to find out what customers value in a product using practical, researched examples over the period mentioned above.

5. Confessions of an Advertiser

From renowned author David Olgivy, the book tells the story of its own author, who ran one of America's best advertising agencies and created several striking slogans. The point of his story is to show future entrepreneurs how he was able to achieve success and customer relationship insights.

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6. Reimagine

Focusing on the entrepreneur's need to stay current and not reject news, Tom Peters's book also shows the need to be cautious, that is, to realize what will still be a trend. In other words, Reimagine is a book that teaches its reader how to go beyond adaptation, predicting and setting trends.

7. Contagion: Why do things get stuck?

In this book, author Jonah Berger attempts to identify the elements that cause something - a text, image, product, or even the notorious memes - to go viral. In “Contagion: Why do things get stuck?” He uses his 10 years of research on the subject to show the science behind these “viruses” and how to use them to his advantage.

8. The 22 Consecrated Laws of Marketing

Also known as “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, ” the book explains that there are 22 marketing strategies that cannot be neglected in any way by entrepreneurs and business professionals. Authored by Jack Trout and Al Reis, the publication addresses each of these 22 practices separately, and also explains why they are essential.

9. The Digital Marketing Bible

Created by Claudio Torres, one of the biggest names in digital marketing in Brazil, The Digital Marketing Bible addresses all aspects of this new area. This means that you can learn about the subject even if you are a layman, but also learn new strategies, methodologies and misconceptions common to the area, among many others.

10. The Blue Ocean Strategy

Rather than addressing specific marketing terms or having biblical airs, The Blue Ocean Strategy is a book that teaches a method for creating new business. Through a study of about 150 companies, the book's authors developed the concept that shows how some companies have had great success in creating a whole new business, that is, out of reach of the competition.

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11. Permission Marketing

One of the marketing books focused on email marketing, this material comments on the importance of having express consumer authorization to receive such content in your inbox. That said, Permission Marketing underscores how effective the strategy is, if applied with prior permission. He demonstrates this by citing the direct relationship established between the company and its customer and how the strategy is stronger than ever, although not new.

12. Words That Work

Addressing the persuasive part of marketing, Words That Work demonstrates how to train the gift of good speech. From there, the book teaches you how to develop your persuasive skills and focuses on teaching you how to use the right words at the right times to achieve a goal.

13. The Logic of Consumption

From author Martin Lindstrom, the book uses research done by the writer to determine how a particular product sells well and how our brains respond to stimuli brought about by marketing and advertising. The author uses neuromarketing concepts and case studies to prove his point and pass on his teachings.

14. The Long Tail

An expression used on the Internet to define smaller niches than normally used, Long Tail explains how to use it for your business. Chris Anderson, author of the book, explains how to explore small niches rather than focusing on large audiences to achieve large sales.

15. The Turning Point

Turn Point has a more "philosophical" aspect than most marketing books on this list. Malcolm Gladwell's work shows how some products, services, or actions can be key to leveraging your business, even if they appear small.

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16. Buzz: Mouth to Mouth Marketing

Approaching the first form of marketing in history, Buzz: Mouth-to-Mouth Marketing addresses methods, ways, and results of guiding your actions so that your products or services fall into the public's mouth. The title also talks about the importance of this type of marketing and how it can make your brand eternal.

17. The Weapons of Persuasion

Authored by psychologist Robert B. Cialdini, one of the biggest names in the area of ​​persuasion, The Weapons of Persuasion is a book that shows the various ways we can be persuaded in everyday life. The book teaches the mechanisms behind words and actions that make us say “yes” to an offer or request, teaching how to achieve those goals while defending oneself with manipulators.

18. Sticking Ideas: Why do some ideas stick and some don't?

Written by Chip and Dan Heath, the book explores 6 basic principles that help spread an idea. Also acting in the area of ​​persuasion, the authors address the title question by explaining how these ideas can resonate and how to have ideas that can “stick” to the minds of their audience.

19. Never Eat Alone

Authors Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz discuss the importance of networking. Conveying teachings on how to relate to friends, co-workers, and clients, Never Lunch Alone content focuses entirely on maintaining a network that will help you achieve your goals.

20. Tribes

Another book by author Seth Godin, Tribes is a book that comments on new consumer behavior with the popularization of the internet. The writer talks about how non-invasive, consumer-friendly methods are much more effective at winning over them.

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21. The Social Media Revolution

Written by Brazilian author André Teller, The Social Media Revolution uses examples of good use of the platform to achieve success in its strategies. One of the marketing books that gives special focus on how social media strongly influence consumer behavior and buying habits by showing them through real examples.

22. Ultimate Email Marketing Guide

One of the few specialized marketing books in this area, The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide sets out to explain everything about the method. The publication focuses on the business side of the strategy, teaching entrepreneurs and business professionals how to create engaging messages for their target audience, among others.

23. Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

Another book created by the duo of authors Jack Trout and Al Ries, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind is a work that teaches entrepreneurs the importance of positioning themselves in their consumer's mind. That is, it teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how to position their product in the mind of their potential consumer, so that it is always considered a buying option.

24. Hooked

Bringing a new model to the book's name, the Hooked method is based on four principles, explained in this book by authors Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover. These principles are based on research into successful products that subtly form habits in the minds of their consumers, making them always consume their products again without the need for costly advertising campaigns.

25. Unleashing the Ideavirus

Another marketing book by Seth Godin, Unleashing the Ideavirus disregards the tactics of traditional marketing. Instead, the author explains how it can be more efficient to invest in campaigns that make customers spread information among themselves. In addition to explaining the term, the book has practical tips on how to make it happen and leverage your products.

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26. Epic Content Marketing

One of the few printed books that talks about content marketing, Epic Content Marketing is a foreign book that seeks to teach everything about the term. In addition, the title also has essential tips for creating good content for blogs, email, videos and social media, among others.

27. Social Media ROI

Focused especially on creating and monitoring your social ad campaigns, Social Media ROI is one of the few marketing books with such a huge focus on just one aspect. In it, author Olivier Blanchard teaches his readers the best practices and variables to consider in social media, in a way that attracts more value for your brand and business.

28. Content Rules

Along the same lines as Epic Content Marketing, Content Rules is a specialized guide for creating great content about your blogs and social media. But instead of focusing on content marketing, author Ann Handley teaches her readers “just” how to write great texts. That is, despite being considered as one of the marketing books, it is more a book for writing, but focusing on the area.

29. Invisible Selling Machine

Your purpose is to teach your readers how to make money by creating email marketing campaigns. Invisible Selling Machine is a step-by-step title to achieve these results, supported by 5 stages for customer conversion.

30. Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers

Finishing the list of the best marketing books, Audience also addresses content marketing. Despite talking about content production, the book's intention is to comment on the use of various social media platforms and how companies are leveraging them.

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Which of these marketing books are at your bedside?

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