30 best shooter games for iPhone and iPad

Looking for adrenaline on your iOS device? Not to be missed is the variety of multi-shot games on iOS. Overall, these games are focused on intense, uninterrupted action, save for a few titles that focus more on the accuracy and calculation of each shot. Regardless of your style, check out our selection of the top 30 shooter games for iPhone and iPad below!

Tip: If you are looking for Android games, we already have a list for you!

1. Assassin's Creed: Pirates

Launched as an add-on to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PC and consoles), AC Pirates brings all the pirate golden age naval battles to mobile adaptation. Gather your crew by downloading the game from iTunes.

2. Blitz Brigade

Inspired by the PC and Mac game Team Fortress 2, Blitz Brigade is one of the iPhone and iPad shooter games focused on specific characters. Multiplayer matches are played in team versus team and each character class has unique abilities. Learn more about Blitz Brigade on iTunes.

3. Call of Duty: Strike Team

This mobile game from the popular Call of Duty shooting franchise brings a little more tactical depth to the style. While following the style of iPhone and iPad shooter games, the game allows players to turn the camera away to transmit orders to their squad partners, even if they're in a shootout. Click the link to meet Call of Duty: Strike Team.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

A representation of the most famous mode of the Black Ops series, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies brings all the adrenaline and desperation of using your entire arsenal to contain a horde of undead. You can play alone or face the 50 levels with friends in co-op mode. The game costs $ 6.99 on iTunes.

5. Darkside

Inspired by the Asteroids arcade classic, Darkside brings a similar but far more beautiful proposition. As a pilot for a space mining company, you must destroy the asteroid rain that puts the operation at risk. The title features free arcade mode and two additional paid game modes.

6. Dead Trigger 2

Another game for zombie fans. Dead Trigger 2 brings just one proposal: unload all the weapons you have to survive the endless horde of monsters. Add to that a variety of missions and humor filled with references to pop culture. Click the link to download the game for free.

7. Deus Ex: The Fall

A story parallel to the Deus R: Human Revolution console and PC RPG game. The Fall follows a similar line to shooter games for iPhone and iPad, but also allows for more subtle approaches by camouflaging or hacking electronic equipment on the futuristic Earth in which the game takes place. Check out more about Deus Ex: The Fall.

8. DOOM Classic

Exactly what you are thinking. If John Romero's classic shooter runs on the TouchBar of the new MacBook Pro - although we can hardly say that it is playable - it would obviously also be present on the iPhone and iPad. There is no news here, except for controls that are now done via the touch screen. Download DOOM Classic on iTunes for $ 0.99.

9. EPOCH.2

Quoted on our list of the 7 best war games on iPhone, EPOCH.2 could not be left out of our list. In control of a futuristic robot, you must face other evil mecanoids while searching for records of what civilization was like in the past. Click the link to learn more about the game.

10. Frontline Commando 2

One of the third-person shooter games for iPhone and iPad - meaning you control the character as if you were behind it. Frontline Commando 2 just launches you into a battlefield, forcing you to assemble your squad and survive the conflicts. Learn more about the game in iTunes.

11. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

A version of a game also released on consoles, Geometry Wars 3 owes nothing for its "more powerful" editions. On an abstract battlefield, you must battle hordes of enemies as you fly over a three-dimensional space, moving carefully through the spaces and firing everywhere. Meet Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for iPhone and iPad costs $ 4.99.

12. Hitman Sniper

Based on the famous franchise of the most famous assassination game in the games, Hitman Sniper only focuses on killing through precision shots. Unlike most iPhone and iPad shooter games, this one requires some coolness and calmness to kill your targets… which can also be zombies! Click the link to meet Hitman Sniper.

13. Major Mayhem

Changing from Hitman Sniper's silent pace, Major Mayhem goes in the opposite direction, being a run-and-shoot game. As the genre describes, you must touch every type of enemy that appears to kill them and advance their missions. Major Mayhem is available on iTunes.

14. Max Payne Mobile

From the creators of the controversial GTA, Max Payne has revolutionized by bringing the slow-motion "Matrix effect" for the first time to computer and console games. The title also remains alive on mobile devices, with an adaptation of the first game available on iTunes. Remember the beginning of Max Payne's bloodthirsty journey on iPhone or iPad!

15. Metal Slug X

Another adaptation of a famous franchise that is released as one of the shooting games for iPhone and iPad, Metal Slug X is the biggest representative of the run and shoot genre. With cartoon graphics and absurd difficulty, the classic remains relevant to the present day is incredibly fun. Be careful not to be frustrated and throw the phone on the wall with its almost impossible stages! Metal Slug X can be purchased for $ 2.99.

16. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The latest edition of the classic FPS mobile franchise Modern Combat remains extremely popular. With one of the best graphics between iPhone and iPad shooter games, the game puts you as a soldier for various missions in a single player campaign or multiplayer matches. Click the link to download Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

17. Mutant Storm

Similar to the Geometry Wars series, the big difference from Mutant Storm is that it swaps geometrical figures for hordes of annoying little creatures. On the other hand, its mechanics are very similar, allowing to move through the scenery, aiming and shooting the monsters. Download Mutant Storm on iTunes from the link.

18. Neon Shadow

The goal in this futuristic shooter is quite simple: get your finger on the trigger of all your weapons to stop a spaceship packed with insane robots! The idea is just to entertain the player with as much action as possible for a low price. Neon Shadow costs only $ 0.99 on iTunes.

19. NEW 3

Another one that follows the futuristic scenario in our list of iPhone and iPad shooter games, NOVA 3 features a campaign with a structure similar to Modern Combat, from the same producer. Its online mode supports matches with up to 12 players. Learn more about the game in iTunes.

20. Overkill

Aim and shoot. This is the watchword in Overkill, a free first person shooter game. In addition to single player modes, it also allows multiplayer games without charging players for it. Click the link to download Overkill.

21. PewPew 2

With a name that makes fun of gunfire noises, PewPew 2 has a similar Geometry Wars style, but more colorful. The title also features similar mechanics, being a space shooter with small geometric shapes as enemies. Meet PewPew 2 on its iTunes page.

22. Sky Plasma

Also a space shooter, Plasma Sky differs from PewPew 2 by having a more retro-themed theme like the classic Space Invaders. With a higher perspective, from above, you must guide your ship through various stages, being careful not to be hit by the horde of enemies that is advancing on you. Sky Plasma is available for $ 2.99 on iTunes.

23. Puk

With an abstract concept, Puk resembles Hitman Sniper as it requires calmness and precision rather than unbridled action. However, it has neither luxurious scenery nor a story mode, serving as a casual target shooting practice. Click the link to download Puk.


From the same Doom studio, RAGE HD is very similar to Overkill, being a first person game whose only requirement is to aim and shoot everything that moves. However, that doesn't mean the challenge is a walk in the park! Learn more about RAGE HD on iTunes.

25. Shadowgun: Deadzone

Available from the time when Facebook games were booming, Shadowgun: Deadzone is one of the iPhone and iPad shooter games focused on multiplayer games. The title adheres only to this modality, which has all-against-all or team-based match types. Click the link to download Shadowgun: Deadzone.

26. Space Invaders Infinity Gene

A pearl for video game history enthusiasts. At first, Space Invaders Infinity Gene looks like just a copy of the original for mobile phones. However, as it progresses, the game evolves and adheres to more modern mechanics, following the evolution of its style. The game can be downloaded from iTunes for $ 4.99.

27. Tanks! Seek & Destroy

Another title that originates from an old Atari game, Tanks! Seek & Destroy brings polygonal tanks into new combat zones that most resemble 80s movies like Disney's Tron. Survive hordes of combat machines at different difficulty levels. The title is available on iTunes, costing $ 2.99.

28. Unkilled

Back in the notorious zombie games, Unkilled puts the armed player to his teeth to stem a zombie invasion in New York. The game is free and has about 300 missions, and can be classified as endless, as many stages. Click the link to meet Unkilled.

29. Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum

No matter what the old game: you'll be able to find a full version or playback on iOS. The latest in this lineup on the list of iPhone and iPad shooter games, Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum brings the Doom precursor with everything right, including the Hitler robot with two machine guns. Check out the game on iTunes!

30. Zombiewood

Closing the list of shooting games for iPhone and iPad, we could not fail to mention a game packed with zombies. Going in the opposite direction to Unkilled, Zombiewood has a humorous mood with cartoonish plants vs. cartoonish designs. Zombies Learn more about the game that brings zombies, shots and satires to Hollywood on iTunes!

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