31 Instagram apps on desktop, Android and iOS

Instagram is the application with the most engagement and interaction between profiles, whether personal or business oriented. With the incredible reach potential of the social network, which surpasses that of Facebook, it is natural that there are a number of Instagram applications - which can be used on web browsers or mobile devices - with the most diverse functions available.

We have gathered the best in a special list, which you can check and download as many as you want!

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1. Top Posts AppTuts (Browsers)

If you need to study which posts generate the most engagement in your niche, the Top Posts tool is the most suitable! You can use it right from your browser by simply creating an account and linking your Instagram to it.

After these initial steps, simply choose a profile already established in your niche and use the tool to find out which posts generated the most likes or comments. With this formula in hand, you can create your own versions and attract more users to your profile.

Click the link now to try our Instagram Top Posts tool for FREE!

2. Managegram (Browsers)

One of the top Instagram apps for those who want to catapult their followers on this social network. Managegram allows you to set up automatic likes and follows . This filtering is done through hashtags relevant to your content or your location. That way, many users you follow may end up following you back, for example.

Note: Managegram has a FREE 5 day trial period for your tool. Click the link to find out what Gestãogram has to offer!

3. Bume (Browsers)

With a similar purpose to previous applications, Bume lets you automate processes that would take a long time if done manually. These include targeting audiences by profiles, hashtags, and location. By enjoying posts and following profiles automatically, Bume also lets you set up automatic welcome messages for your new followers.

Note: Bume is available in Portuguese and has a FREE 5 day trial period. Access the link to register on the site!

4. Perforgram (Browsers)

Perfect for those who need to manage Instagram profiles without switching tabs in the browser. Perforgram is an automatic interaction tool, but this is not the only functionality it offers.

Plus, you can use Perforgram to schedule posts on Insta - both feed and Stories! - and track your growth straight from the program reporting screen.

It is also one of the few that also allows you to create automated comment templates, not just like and follow. In addition, you can send automatic messages to new followers through Perforgram.

To know more about it, just click the link and make your registration!

5. Instaeasy (Browsers)

Instaeasy has a good reporting area, displaying them through graphs that allow you to measure its evolution over time. In addition, it also has profile search through the hashtags of publications or directly by profile name, among others.

Tip: Although it doesn't have a free trial, Instaeasy comes with a 30-day warranty if you don't like the software. Learn more by visiting the site!

6. SocialGram (Browsers)

Another service that allows complete management of your profile, also automatically becoming one of the best Instagram apps. SocialGram brings configurable automatic interactions by hashtag, location, and followers of another profile.

In addition, you can also schedule feed posts and track and reply to comments and messages right from SocialGram. All accompanied by reports that report growth and automatic directs to new followers.

Try SocialGram for 5 days FREE by registering via the link!

7. SimpleGram (Browsers)

Along with Managegram and Bume, SimpleGram is one of the few Instagram applications that allows you to schedule posts and stories on your profile, as well as automatic hashtag interactions, location and competitor profiles.

The app also features growth reports and analytical information, making it great for managing your profile. It also features a basic photo editor that lets you make last-minute adjustments to scheduled images. Click the link to try SimpleGram for 3 days FREE!

8. Social Rocket (Browsers)

Through Social Rocket, you can configure hashtags, locations, genre, and followers on an automatic profile to follow them and interact with your posts. The app also assists in your content management as it allows you to create and schedule posts on Instagram.

Get to know Social Rocket through its 2 days of FREE testing by accessing the link!

9. Follow.me (Browsers)

An app to follow people on Instagram, Segu.me lets you get more likes on Instagram by liking posts and following profiles, which generates a notification on the user's Instagram that can follow you back. In addition to this tool, Siga.me allows automatic comments on these posts and sends inbox messages to new followers.

Try Follow.me for FREE for a limited time when you sign up!

10.Install Pump (Browsers)

BombaInsta is one of the multipurpose Instagram applications. If you're looking for apps to follow people on Instagram, for example, it fulfills this role with its automatic interactions.

But if the goal is to create and schedule feed posts or Stories, BombaInsta also makes it possible with its own online photo editor and scheduling tool. With it, you can also send automatic directs to new followers and track your profile growth through internal service reports.

Enjoy and try the PumpInsta for FREE for 3 days. Just click the link and register to get started!

11. iPost.Me (Browsers and Android)

One of the few to rely on an app to manage your automations on Instagram. IPost.Me comes with the full suite of tools for managing your profile. That is, in addition to automations, you can also check Direct and schedule posts in Insta, either in the feed or in Stories.

Going back to automations, iPost.Me is one of the few that also automatically distributes views in Stories, following the parameters of hashtags, concurrent profiles and locations.

So now click on the link to register and try iPost.Me for FREE for a limited time!

12. Bagy (Browsers)

A great way to sell on Instagram since the arrival of Instagram Shopping. The platform allows you to create your online store integrated with your profile on the social network. This way you can import the items you're selling on Instagram to your Bagy store window.

In addition to importing images, visitors will be able to complete their purchase on the site, whether they have accessed your store through Instagram or directly from their browser. Click the link to create your own Bagy store.

13. Instagram Sweepstakes (Browsers)

This Instagram sweepstakes tool lets you use comments on a post of your choice to raffle one of your followers. This is a great way to engage your audience and interact, as well as attract new followers on the social network. Access it through the link!

14. Clips (iOS)

With it, you will be able to create videos and automatically subtitle your videos. Clips - which is only available for iOS - "reads" what you say and creates subtitles. Obviously, you can edit these same subtitles if he misunderstood something. Then just save your video or post to social networks.

In the case of Instagram it will be quite useful to use in your videos because most users see Insta videos without sound and with subtitles they can perceive their content without having the sound active. To use Clips just click here. 100% free!

15. Postgrain (Browsers)

While previous applications focus on automating interactions to increase the number of profiles following you on Instagram, Postgrain works more like a manager. Here you can know the general status of your account, schedule posts and even share them on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It has free and premium plans, which can be checked on its website.

16. VSCO (Android, iPhone, iPad)

VSCO works as its own social network and an advanced Instagram type. Focused on high quality photos, social networking is a good choice for photographers, especially because it features more filters and editing tools than Instagram. VSCO can be downloaded and used on Android phones and tablets, along with the iPhone and iPad.

17. iMovie (iPhone and iPad)

One of the best video editors for iPhone and iPad, iMovie is ideal for those who want to tinker with the videos they want to post on Instagram. It allows you to merge photos and videos to create just one, as well as Apple's own filters and unique themes, with preconfigured links, music and transitions, and other effects that can be applied. Click the link to download the app.

18. Flume (Mac)

Unlike the browser version of Instagram, Flume is one of the Instagram apps that offers a few more social networking options for Mac computer owners. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can access the analytical tools, and, In all versions, you can send messages directly to other users. Download Flume from its official page.

19. Over (Android, iPhone and iPad)

One of the best Instagram apps, as it brings a wide variety of fonts and arts to use in the text of your images. This makes it possible to make more personalized posts on your profile, as well as consult other creations of the app community. It can be downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store.

20. PicStitch (Android, iPhone and iPad)

If your intention is not to put beautiful text, but to create montages for Instagram, PicStitch is one of the most accurate options to download. The app has about 245 layouts where you can edit your photos. You can also add special effects and different filters, as well as basic tools like rotating and cropping images. PicStitch is available for both Android and iPhone. and iPad.

21. FastSave (Android, iPhone and iPad)

A simple-to-use app that only lets you download your photos, either on Android phones and tablets, or on iPhone and iPad. With a button, it is easier to download the photos you see on Instagram, just follow a few steps as shown in this text. FastSave can be downloaded from Android.

22. 8mm Vintage Camera (iPhone and iPad)

Specially created for fans of retro style videos. Because Instagram's black and white filter is one of the most popular, this app offers different effects to apply to your videos, including one that mimics the movie cameras of the day. About seven lenses inspired by the different decades of the last century are available, but the app can be downloaded only for iPhone and iPad.

23. InstaPic (Windows)

Like Flume for Mac, InstaPic offers a way to manage Instagram directly from a computer screen. The software allows you to add and manage multiple accounts and is free at the cost of some ads appearing while you use them. InstaPic can be downloaded from the Windows app store.

24. DipTic (Android, iPhone and iPad)

While Instagram apps like PicStitch and Over are usually more recreational, DipTic has a more professional layout. It has close to 200 available layouts that can be used in photographs intended to sell products or images that are better crafted than selfies or birthday party photos. DipTic can be used on Android as well as iPhone and iPad.

25. Boomerang (Android, iPhone and iPad)

The app has become extremely popular on Instagram by allowing you to create animated videos through photo sequences. The option to use Boomerang is widely used in the creation of Instagram Stories, for example, being almost automatic to use. Learn how to use the app to create your Instagram stories and download it from the Google Play or App Store.

26. Lapse It (Android, iPhone and iPad)

One of the best Instagram apps with the ability to apply weather effects to videos you plan to post on social media. With the ability to add time effect by fast or slow motion, you can even create videos under the Stop Motion effect. It also lets you share it directly on both Instagram and other social networks like Youtube and Facebook. Click to download it on Android or iPhone and iPad.

27. Gramblr (Windows and Mac)

Another application option that allows you to use Instagram on your computer, be it Windows or Mac. Unlike Flume and InstaPic, Gramblr does not have so many functions, serving only to send your photos and videos to be published on Instagram, also allowing put their subtitles. Click the link to learn more about the application and download it to PC or Mac.

28. Split Pic (Android, iPhone and iPad)

One of the most bizarre options on our list of Instagram apps. Split Pic's only function is to create your own clones in your photos, producing a kind of mirror effect. That is, it is as if the app has broken your camera into multiple pieces, creating more versions of itself and anyone included in the image. Split Pic can be downloaded on iPhone and iPad.

29. PhotoDesk (Mac)

Another alternative to using Instagram on Mac computers. PhotoDesk also takes a more professional approach to most of the apps on the list. Among its features, it allows you to view the feed and interact through likes and comments. In addition, the app lets you view your history and use your search engine to find publications with hashtags. PhotoDesk can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

30. Prisma (Android, iPhone and iPad)

One of the most popular montage apps, Prisma has a unique purpose in making your photos a kind of artistic framework. In addition to these filters, you can also add effects and control the brightness and contrast of edited photos. Previously available only for the iPhone and iPad, Prisma is currently also available on Android devices.

31. Black (iPhone)

While the 8mm Vintage Camera is used as a video editor, Black is the vintage photo camera, offering greater options and more precision in your retro photos. It has only 10 filters, but all of them are inspired by cameras of the time. Click the link to download the app.

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Regardless of your purpose on this social network, we believe you will surely find something that suits you, whether you need to increase the number of followers or who need a little force to improve your photos. Did any of them interest you or would you like to recommend another app? Comment with us!

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