4 Best Alternatives to InsteLikes

One of the most used software to help entrepreneurs who want to boost their Instagram profile, InsteLikes brings tools to get likes, comments and followers for your profile. However, this method goes against Instagram rules, there are several alternatives to InsteLikes that meet the platform rules, allowing you to analyze its features and which brings the best results. Check out the options below:

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1. Manage

The first of the alternatives to InsteLikes is Managegram, a tool for automating Instagram interactions. Through it, you can link your social network account and customize the type of profile and content you want the platform to automatically search for.

The user will be able to tell which hashtags, profiles and specific locations, and the app will take care to search posts in these parameters. Upon finding them, the Managergram will automatically like and follow their authors. The platform also displays reports as your profile grows.

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2. Bume

Also one of the alternatives to InsteLikes focused on automating your interactions. Bume lets you configure automatic interactions through hashtags, location, and profiles related to your area.

In addition to automatically liking and following profiles, the platform also lets you create automatic DM templates, sent as soon as a profile follows you on Instagram. It is worth noting that Bume also allows you to schedule posts, making it easier to manage your content on the social network.

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3. Instaeasy

A Brazilian platform to gain followers, Instaeasy has the ease of having various educational materials, being one of the best and easiest to learn. Other than that, it has tools similar to Managegram and Bume, allowing you to configure what kinds of subjects your profile will enjoy, even when you are not logged in to Instagram.

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4. GrowSocial

Among the programs described in this article, Grow Social is one of the most complete. In addition to configuring how your profile will interact on the Instagram platform, Grow Social also lets you create automatic message templates for new followers.

The difference of this app is that it also allows you to schedule posts on Instagram and displays growth reports. That is, besides boosting your Instagram, the app also works as a manager for the social network.

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Which of the alternatives to InsteLikes do you think is the most suitable?

Boosting your Instagram profile is not just about software, but it is undeniable that they can be very useful in this endeavor. Have you tried any of them? Tell us or make your nominations below!

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