4 Reasons Not To Install Marshmallow And 3 Reasons To Do It

Android Marshmallow was released a few weeks ago, coming to Nexus line devices gradually so users can have a smooth, hassle-free upgrade. Soon, Google will also make the system update available for devices from companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc.

This probably makes many users excited and others with a little doubt. While it may be pretty cool to get the latest Android on your device, some are worried about whether it's a good idea to install Marshmallow right away.

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So that you are not in doubt anymore, we have listed 4 reasons not to install Marshmallow and 3 reasons to upgrade as soon as possible. Check out!

Reasons not to install Marshmallow

1. Lack of preparation

One thing is for sure, you should not install Marshmallow or any major updates without being properly prepared. First, you always need to make a complete backup of your files and information, as if there is a problem, it is easier to reverse the situation.

Another very important point is that you research a lot about the news of the new version of the system, but know what to expect and not to upgrade to something you will not like, for example. This avoids a lot of problems and still prevents you from having to downgrade just because you didn't know the new Android would have anything contrary to what you imagined or wanted.

2. If you are concerned about new problems

All operating systems have problems, but not all of them affect users significantly. Still, many of them appear early in life as soon as they are released for users to test. This makes many people wait a while before installing an update like this, as Google always does its best to fix any obstacles with other minor updates.

If you don't want to risk new unknown issues, it's best to wait a few weeks and research to find out if other users (especially those with the same devices as you) are having difficulty with Marshmallow.

3. If you have to use your device for something important

Obvious to some, this reason may go unnoticed by many users. As we've just said, it's difficult to predict certain issues early in a major upgrade, so it's not recommended to install Marshmallow if you need to use your device for something very important soon.

This is more of a precaution than anything else, as the concern is to keep your smartphone or tablet away from any potential unforeseen events that the new Android may bring soon after such a major upgrade. If you're going to install Marshmallow, wait for a quiet week when you can test the device without worry.

4. If you are traveling

This precaution also leads us to this other reason: a possible trip, whether for business or pleasure. The last thing you probably want to worry about on a trip is a smartphone or tablet crashing right or giving you a problem when you need it most.

This mainly includes issues with the camera, apps crashing or GPS getting you up and running. We're not saying Android Marshmallow causes these things, as it's designed just to give you the best possible Google operating system experience, but these things are always unpredictable and you need to be very careful.

Reasons to install Marshmallow

1. Battery Improvements

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to worry about the battery life of your devices, especially as we are increasingly dependent on certain functions and features of our smartphones and tablets. In this case, Android Marshmallow turns out to be very important, as it has a new way to save your load and enjoy it better than before.

We're talking about “Twelve, ” a new Marshmallow-exclusive feature that will use motion detectors to tell if your device has not been in use for a while, such as when the user is sleeping or when the device has been set aside during the day. .

This will help Android considerably reduce the use and operation of background processes and applications, preserving your battery and lasting up to twice as long compared to other versions of Android.

2. More security

For security, the best tip is always to keep your device up to date, as it is exactly upgrades that can provide the most protection against potential threats. With Android Marshmallow is nothing different.

The update comes with new features, enhancements, and patches that are meant to keep your device protected, especially against bugs and breaches in other versions of Android. In addition, Marshmallow finally gives you the ability to deny and accept app permissions individually, which makes your device even more secure.

3. Bug fixing and other issues

As we just mentioned, Android Marshmallow brings a number of improvements and bug fixes over older versions of the system. Not everyone is suffering from some of the most serious operating system problems, but if you're having trouble with something in particular, then maybe it's time to fix it with a simple upgrade.

This also prevents you from having future issues, as older versions of Android will no longer receive major updates after a new version is released by Google.

What did you think about our recommendations on installing Marshmallow on your smartphone or tablet? Leave your comment saying if you think it's a good idea to wait or if you will install Marshmallow as soon as you get the chance!

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