4 steps to block someone in Messenger but not Facebook

Sometimes our relationships end up forcing us to accept that inconvenient relative on Facebook, which also allows them to send you messages in Messenger. However, Facebook offers an alternative that lets you block someone in Messenger, but without breaking Facebook's friendship.

In this case, the person in question will no longer be able to send you messages and vice versa. If both are included in a group conversation, Facebook will notify you that the blocked person has been included as well.

If you accept, you can see the messages exchanged only in that conversation. Now that you know how blocking works, check out the 4 steps to blocking someone in Messenger!

Tip: Do you think it was blocked in Messenger and want to investigate? Then check out this tutorial to learn how!

4 steps to block someone in Messenger

1 - Open Messenger and look for the person you want to block;

2 - Tap the ā€œiā€ icon at the top right of the conversation;

3 - Scroll down until you find the Lock option;

4 - Select and enable the option ā€œ Block messages from [person] ā€.

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Could you block someone in Messenger?

Was this tutorial useful for no longer exchanging messages with an unwanted contact that you can't delete from your Facebook for some reason? Has the person become suspicious of the block or does he not seem to have paid attention? Discuss with us how you think you can just avoid receiving messages without the embarrassment of excluding your uncle from pave on Facebook!

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