5 Android apps you don't really need

It's always fun to find new Android apps on our devices, but it also leads us to install a lot of unnecessary things that can cause more problems than really helping. After all, we know very well that Google Play is full of Android apps you don't need and are completely useless.

These include cool, useful apps that use the features and battery of your smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, there are always great solutions to replace applications like these. If you want to know more, check out our list of Android apps you don't need on your device!

4. Cleaning Apps

For a while, many people believed that it was necessary to use cleaning applications to improve the performance of their smartphone, but this turned out to be a beautiful mistake. Of course, manually cleaning your cache and unnecessary apps is always good, but these apps usually don't do a good job, take up space, drain your battery, and are always full of hype.

There are many ways to improve your Android performance and make it faster, as you can check out in this article. Just remember that installing one of these cleaning apps is not a viable or reliable way. Since the 6.0 update, it has become more useful to clean through Android's own settings than to rely on this type of application.

5. Default Browser

Every Android device would be expected to come with the Google Chrome browser by default, but this only happens on some devices today. The truth is that it depends on the manufacturer and most of the time, you come across some generic browser that is never too fast or functional.

Fortunately, you can simply uninstall this app and start using one that really works on your Android. If you're not into Chrome for any reason, you can also check out our list of top Android browsers at this link.

Got rid of these Android apps you don't need?

So, were you able to take advantage of these tips to get rid of Android apps you don't need on your device? Or is there a category we have forgotten?

So don't be like us and remember to leave your comment telling us that other apps take up unnecessary space on your smartphone!

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