5 apps to buy cars on iPhone and iPad

Purchasing a vehicle is not very easy. With several variables in question and taking into account the high price of most cars, great care is needed when researching them. On the other hand, starting this search for your dreamed car is not that difficult and you can start buying cars on your mobile device through a variety of apps. So check out the list below with 5 apps for buying cars on iPhone and iPad and try them out to find the best search tools!

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1. iCars

ICarros is the most complete app for iPhone car buying apps, though it doesn't have an iPad version. In addition to researching cars through its various filters - such as automaker and price range, among others - it has financing simulators and a tool that allows you to compare the performance of 0km models of the vehicles sought.

You can also follow the top auto industry news directly from the app. Click the link to download iCarros on your iPhone.

2. Webmotors

By allowing you to buy cars and motorbikes, Webmotors allows users to search for vehicles according to their preference and save them to a favorites page so they can be accessed later. Among other features, we highlight the ability to compare prices with the FIPE table and immediately contact an advertiser, for example.

Another interesting feature is to set up alerts to notify you when an offer you like appears in the app. Try Webmotors - also available on iPad - by going to the link.

3. Trovit

Specializing in buying and selling used cars only, Trovit is one of the car buying apps on iPhone and iPad that allows users to search for deals on various other ad sites. This without having to switch tabs in a browser. Just like Webmotors, you can also save the best deals to your favorites, as well as a variety of filters to make it easy to search for a new deal. Click the link to download Trovit on your mobile device.

4. Car Show

The app works more to spread content about cars and motorcycles than to buy and sell cars, although this is one of its functions. With tools to advertise or buy vehicles, you can use it for price comparison and specification of new models. The app content brings reviews and tests, releases and tips to get the most out of your car. Visit the link to learn more about the Salon do Carro electronic magazine app.

5. Fipe Table

Although not a car buying and selling app, the Table Fipe app is a top ally when searching for your car. The table is the main reference source for car, motorcycle and truck prices. Although other apps also display the table values ​​- used as an official pricing reference - this is the official app and is therefore more reliable than third party apps.

To use it, simply search for the make and model you want to search, thus knowing the average value of a vehicle to avoid being misled by malicious dealers. Download the Table Fipe app by clicking on the link.

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Which apps for buying cars on iPhone have you used and recommended?

While not many, other apps used to buy and sell also have categories for cars and motorcycles. However, the applications mentioned in this text are only used to deal with vehicles. Which one have you used and recommended? Are there any others not on our list? Comment with us!

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