5 Apps to Discover WiFi Password on Android

Apps to find wifi password on android? Does it really work? Contrary to what many people think, it is possible yes!

Tired of spending your mobile and roaming data? No more warming your head about it! Enough of humiliating yourself to the neighbor asking him to share a password with you or having to walk to some establishment just to use the local internet.

So keep an eye on this list that I prepared to save you time and money when it comes to connecting. This saves you the data plan and carrier roaming, and even your smartphone battery will be more functional when using any of these apps to discover WiFi password on Android.

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1. WiFi Password Recovery

WiFi Password Recovery is an application to recover passwords from any WiFi you have already connected, but for some reason you have lost your connection. No problem, it's very simple to use!

This app works as a professional wifi password retriever. But beware, it does not promise to recover successfully on non-rooted phones. Which can be considered a downside since not everyone is a superuser.

You only need to authorize the permissions requested by the app to have access to your history. Quickly, he checks your information and completes the scan. It recovers the forgotten password via your device root, meaning you need to have backed up your phone and be an advanced user.

If you haven't done so, all is not lost, sign in to your Google account and retrieve it. From there, just copy the WiFi passwords and you're done! WiFi Password Recovery is available via the link and is rated 4.1 on the Play Store.

2. Osmino Wi-Fi

Osmino is a very practical application! It graphically shows your online traffic and tests the speed of your connection. You will see the nearest internet access points on the map and will automatically connect without limiting data.

Osmino Wi-Fi is in many cities around the world and is one of the best apps for discovering WiFi passwords. You can also register network passwords and share them with app users. It acts as a database, which enables the storage of numerous passwords from different access points.

They are shared and available networks and there is no scam, according to the app team. What's more, you can route internet to other devices. The app records your connections in a cloud space and even lets you search for new networks.

When traveling, for example, you have to put the location in the system and save the connections in advance. So you don't have to spend your data roaming. It does not promise security in connection, because public networks are subject to fraud, that is at your own risk.

The promise here is speed! Remember that Osmino only connects to public networks. The app can be downloaded via the link and is rated 4.2 on the Play Store.

3. WiFi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer automatically connects to the nearest free network access. Making your connection faster and more convenient. It provides all the information you need about any and all networks you need.

It's like its name implies, a WiFi analyzer between applications to discover WiFi passwords. It gives you data such as statistics, confidence, network intensity, best connection rating, internet strength and even the address on. the signal from the router or access point. You can see it all in a neat and subdivided way across your smartphone screen, which will be divided into 5 parts.

The information is described in English, which could even be considered a negative point, but the app's interface is easy to understand and easy to use. Download it from the Play Store, where the app is rated 4.4 stars.

4. WiFi Magic

WiFi Magic has a database with public passwords and makes them available as on a social network. Users of the app are responsible for increasing the amount of passwords registered. Thus, numerous accesses are released in several different locations.

You will need to sign up with a specific login and password, which means you must create an in-app account. Lucky for you, simply sign in with your email or you can also sign in through facebook. Your password will be saved in the Wifi Magic cache, but it is worth mentioning that this is not an option but an automatic action of the application.

This allows you to be always on hand faster and more qualified. It shows the status of networks and differentiates them with colors:

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