5 Easy Ways to Print on Mac

Taking screenshots, or taking prints, as we often say on a daily basis, is quite common in any operating system. Whether on a computer or mobile device, this feature turns out to be quite useful in different ways. Although almost everyone knows how to do this on Windows, for example, it is normal to have questions about the procedure on Apple computers. Fortunately, there are some very simple and different ways to print on Mac, as you can see in our tips below!

1. Full screen print

To make a simple print of the entire Mac screen, you just have to press the "Command", "Shift" and "3" keys at the same time while on the screen you want to capture. You can find the image file in PNG format on your Mac Desk.

2. Partial Screen Print

Of course, not everyone has the patience to edit a full screen print, so how about taking a print of exactly what you want? To do this, just take a partial screenshot, ie you can select the area you would like to print.

To do this, press "Command", "Shift" and "4" at the same time. The mouse cursor will change to a crosshair pointer, which will assist you in taking the print. Place the pointer under the area you want to capture, click with the mouse and drag to the end of the print area.

When you release the mouse button, it will be captured and saved as a PNG file on the Mac Desktop. Simple enough, isn't it?

3. Print from a specific window

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific Mac window, you can use the shortcut "Command", "Shift" and "4" to make the cursor the pointer again. Only this time, press the space key right away, which will make the cursor turn into a small camera.

With the cursor this way, take it to the window from which you want to print to highlight it. The capture will be made when you click on the window with the mouse, and you will find the image saved on the Table.

4. Print from a menu

To print a menu is also quite simple. First open the menu in question to see the content that will be captured. Then press "Command", "Shift" and "4" at the same time to make the cursor pointer again.

Now drag the cursor to the menu to select it and release the mouse button to take the print. The image will be saved to the table in PNG format.

5. Print from a menu without the title

Finally, you can also print a menu without displaying its title, preventing you from having to do some editing with software. To do this, open the menu to see its contents and use the shortcut "Command", Shift "and" 4 "next.

Now, press the space key on your keyboard to turn the cursor into a camera. Move the cursor over the desired menu and click it with the mouse to take your print, which will be saved as PNG on the table.

Did you get print on Mac?

Could you take our tips on learning how to print on Mac? Don't forget to leave your comments telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions!

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