5 iOS 11 Features Not Present on Old iPhones

IOS 11 has come with great news for various types of iPhone, but it's not always possible to have all the features on older models of Apple smartphones. This is especially due to hardware limitations, low RAM, and even outdated processors. Because it is a bit confusing and never explained by Apple, we have prepared a complete list of all features of iOS 11 that are not present in older iPhones. Check it out below to see if you can identify your own iPhone model!

1. ARKit

ARKit is a very interesting feature that makes use of augmented reality technology. Unfortunately, it needs a very powerful processor to function properly.

With that in mind, Apple only made it compatible with devices that can handle the app. Currently, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are the only ones that do not support ARKit.

2. Animoji, Portrait Mode, Face ID, etc

Many people were confused to see Animoji, Portrait Mode, Face ID and other features being announced, and they are not available anywhere. Unfortunately, Apple was not so clear in presenting them as exclusive features of iPhone X and it seemed that many of them were simple iOS 11 features.

How it all depends on the new “TrueDepth” technology deployed on the iPhone X's front camera, not as there is support on any other smartphone, not even on the new iPhones 8.

3. Wireless Charging

The long-awaited wireless charging feature has finally reached iOS 11, but few devices bring native support for it. In this case, only iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are compatible with these chargers.

Apple even needed to change the back of these devices to make it possible. That is why they all have a glass panel on the back, as the charger signal can be effectively picked up there.

4. Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is a super cool feature that lets you make transfers to a friend simply by placing both iPhones next to each other.

The transfer happens with the messaging app and any money received can be used at merchants that accept Apple Pay Cash. Unfortunately, iPhone 5S is the only one that does not support this feature.

5. Portrait lighting

One of the most exciting features that Apple has announced is the ability to change the lighting on your face in photos even before they are taken. This can completely change an image and the effect is very realistic, but only iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X support the feature.

This is only possible because both have dual cameras on the back and rely on the A11 Bionic processor chip. Some are still waiting for Apple to release an update so that the iPhone 7 Plus supports this lighting, but it's just a rumor at the moment.

Extra features of iOS 11 that can be found on any device.

True, some of the older smartphones won't have access to the features presented above, but even so, this operating system update still brings great news that can be enjoyed by owners of virtually any iPhone model. Check out some of them below and be sure to check out our full list of top new features in iOS 11!

Auto configuration

Another unique feature of iOS 11 is Automatic Setup, which streamlines setup between different devices. Through this feature, you can quickly sync personal preferences, settings, and adjustments between iPhones, iPads, or even iPod touch.

To do this, simply hold one device close to the other and trigger the feature on the device. However, you will need to have internet access and be able to login to iCloud for the procedure to work.

Do not disturb while driving

Apple has updated its “Do Not Disturb” feature to include new functionality in iOS 11. Now the device is able to automatically identify when you start driving and if “Do Not Disturb While Driving” is active you will not be distracted. with calls, text messages, or other app notifications.

Also, anyone who tries to contact you will receive an automatic message informing you that you are not currently available, so you do not have to worry about returning the contact until you have arrived at your destination. This function is really useful and values ​​traffic safety, helping to avoid accidents involving the driver using the smartphone while driving.

Custom new app list

On iOS 11, as you use Siri, artificial intelligence will absorb your interests and preferences and use this information to rearrange the list displayed when you are looking for new apps.

This will allow you to quickly find and identify interesting apps, often rated by curators themselves. These apps will appear in a new tab called Spotlight . Apple really did not stop investing in the customization aspect for this system update.

So what do you think about iOS 11?

Could you take a look at our list to find out what's not available on older models of iPhones running iOS 11? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

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