5 reasons to install iOS 9 on your iPhone and iPad

IOS 9 was released a short time ago, but it is already winning over many iPhone and iPad users, who are usually a bit worried when a new version of the operating system is announced. While some people are facing some minor issues, most are really enjoying Apple's improvements.

As there are still many people wondering whether or not to upgrade their devices, we decided to list the top 5 reasons to install iOS 9 on your iPhone and iPad. Check it out below!

1. New crab and smart search

One of the biggest news that we have on iOS 9 is the improvement of Siri, which is at least 40% faster and more efficient than it was on iOS 8, according to Apple itself. The look of its menu has also had some changes, but it's just because Apple's personal device assistant has gotten a lot smarter that makes the upgrade worthwhile.

By being smarter, she now has the ability to recognize more commands and make much more use of iPhone and iPad features. These are changes that make the most difference with your constant use, as you should realize improvements and ease in everyday life.

Fortunately, this also goes for iPhone and iPad search capabilities, which now help you find what you need much faster and more conveniently. With the iOS 9 upgrade, you get quick access to the apps you use most from a special menu, and have a wealth of information and options on any subject you are looking for at the same time, and you can switch between the internet, the App Store or your own apps. get deeper.

2. Multitasking Features

There is no denying it, the new multitasking feature of iOS 9 is one of the biggest reasons you have to upgrade your device now. This was already much anticipated by Apple device users and should work on almost all iPhone and iPad models in some way. While older ones should allow you to open a second app while the main one keeps running in the background (like using your email while leaving YouTube open on screen), newer models make sure you use at least two apps at the same time.

This is where the split-screen feature, which requires much more processing power from devices, comes in. You can simply continue to use your applications side by side without any gagging or interruption. With the 2 GB of RAM on iPhone 6S and the 4 GB of RAM on the brand new iPad Pro, this should be a very easy and smooth task to use every day.

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3. Enhanced Notes App

Today, there is almost no one who doesn't use an app to better organize themselves or to jot down ideas, reminders, or notes about important things. In this case, it's normal to see someone with apps like Google Keep and Evernote on your smartphone or tablet, but now iOS 9 users will have an even better option!

With the update to Apple's operating system, the old "Notes" app has made some great improvements and now has many of the same functions and features as the apps just mentioned. You can simply type anything you want with the virtual keyboard, draw with your fingers or a special pen, and even take pictures to illustrate your notes, ideas or reminders. Best of all, you can sync everything you create with your other Apple devices with the help of iCloud.

4. Changes in the Maps app

Fortunately, it was not just Notes app that received good changes in this iOS update! The Maps app has also brought great news for those who have not yet been carried away by Google Maps or another similar app.

Now it offers many suggestions for restaurants, movie theaters, shops, and tourist centers near any address you add as a route or search through the app. In addition, you can also save certain places like your “home”, “work” or other types of bookmarks so you have much faster access to the places you visit often, making navigating the app much more convenient and efficient.

This goes further with the expected feature that shows you which road traffic you will have to face and which routes to follow depending on the situation. That is a real change that is worth it, don't you think ?!

5. Small changes that make a difference

The above features are some of the biggest and best reasons you can count on to make sure it is a good idea to upgrade your version of iOS as they are the most noticeable. But there is an even greater variety of small changes and details that really make a difference in their routine use and that should be taken into consideration even more.

We've even made a list of the top 25 iOS 9 tips and tricks to help users get an even richer and more enjoyable experience with the new system, which basically covers many of the new details and differences we have from limitations of iOS 8.

To give you some examples, the keyboard is now much easier to use (with case-sensitive finally), you can go back to apps you were using faster, you can create more secure passwords, and it's easier even reply to your emails with attachments.

It seems that Apple has finally paid more attention to less apparent functions, features and enhancements, but that really change the user experience for the better.

So, did you like the things iOS 9 has to offer? Tell us in the comments if you have already updated your iPhone or iPad to the new version of the system or if you still have questions about it!

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