5 reasons not to install iOS 11 on iPhone 5s

Whenever a new version of iOS is available from Apple, iPhones and iPad users can't wait to install it. In the case of iOS 11, it seems better to wait a while before installing, considering various aspects and user opinions about its performance so far. This is especially true for older devices such as the iPhone 5s. Since the model was launched in 2013 and has much simpler configurations than its successors, it can slow down and present certain problems. You can check out the top reasons not to install iOS 11 on iPhone 5s below!

1. slower iPhone

One of the most common issues with installing a newer version of iOS on a much older iPhone is that it actually slows down. Considering the iPhone 5s has 4 years of existence, this turns out to be quite noticeable. By the time the 5s came out, the technology standards were different, and today we have countless updates and improvements that can be identified in the latest iPhone models, for example.

Today, many users have been complaining about how long the iPhone 5s has been getting out of sleep and how slow it is opening apps, and it's actually normal that as time goes on, this model becomes even worse in regarding its usability.

2. Battery running out faster

A very serious problem that is affecting all iPhone 5s users who have upgraded to iOS 11 is that the battery is running out extremely fast. This is also happening in other models, but seems to be more serious in 5s due to its age and lower battery capacity compared to newer handsets.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done at the moment, as only Apple can solve this with an update. Especially if your iPhone 5s battery is no longer in good battery life, we really recommend not upgrading to iOS 11 as it could make the situation even worse. Also, we suggest you check out our tips for saving iOS 11 devices on this link.

3. Apps crashing

It's also normal for apps that conflict with iOS 11 to start crashing or crashing. In these situations, you are always looking for problematic app updates, but this may be due to iOS issues with your iPhone 5s.

Much of this is caused by what we mentioned in the first topic, as iPhone gets overloaded in certain situations, slows down and apps stop working properly. Below we also explain the other reason that can lead to problems with apps.

Gave up on installing iOS 11 on iPhone 5s?

Could you take our list to understand the top reasons not to install iOS 11 on iPhone 5s at this time? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think, or even if you had already upgraded your 5s to iOS version 11 and found yourself having difficulties or usability issues right away.

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