5 steps to share on Instagram for direct messages

One of the most common functions on Facebook but not present on Instagram is sharing posts. While you can't spread a post directly - you need to ask the author for permission, save the post, and then repost - you can share on Instagram via direct messages, even allowing you to send the post to more than one person at a time. The process is simple and fast, and can be done in just 5 steps below!

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5 steps to share on Instagram for direct messages

1 - When you find a post you want to send directly to someone, click the arrow icon just below the post;

2 - Choose who you want to send the post to. You can submit the post to more than one profile;

3 - In addition to the suggestions shown on the screen above, you can search for specific profiles by typing their names in the bar indicated in the screenshot below;

4 - You can send a message next to the post, just write it in the location indicated below.

5 - Click the Submit button to finish sharing on Instagram directly.

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Got to share on Instagram directly by message?

As we speak, sending Instagram posts via direct messages is a straightforward process without many steps. The tool is useful for making sure someone will see the post, working better than tagging the profile in the comments area. Do you usually use the feature or are you just getting to know it? Have any questions during the steps described in this tutorial? Do not forget to comment if you have any questions and do not hesitate to share this post on your profile on social networks!

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