5 tips for those who want to play on Mac

You may have heard that anyone with a Mac can play virtually nothing. True, many games are not yet natively compatible with the operating system, but that's still an exaggeration, as there are many ways around the limitations and lack of game compatibility for Apple computers. If you like games, but don't have or don't want to have a Windows PC just to play them, your Mac or Macbook can play multiple games easily. To learn how, just follow our tips below and learn how to use the full potential of your computer and play what you want.

1. Install Steam

Steam is the darling of the computer player. The world's most famous PC game store has a packed library of games, from the most famous to those made by small studios, the Indies. You can filter Mac-only games, download free games directly, and buy any compatible games.

In addition, the platform also offers really cool differentials, such as its own multiplayer servers and the ability to connect with friends to play multiplayer.

Even some games reward you with cards that can be sold to collectors directly from within Steam, the amount is converted to balance in your digital wallet so you can spend on other games.

The store also has several promotions throughout the year - Christmas being the most important, with discounts of up to 90%. Another big advantage, especially for Brazilians, is the fact that Steam boosts the direct conversion of the Dollar to the Real, making games come out cheaper than it would be solely considering the quote.

This really is one of the best ways to play on Mac, so click here to download Steam on your device and look for free paid games to download.

2. For PC-only games, use Wine

Known to Linux owners, Wine is a program for emulating Windows applications. With it you can not only run programs unique to the other operating system, but also play various games not available for the Mac.

Keep in mind that for this process you have to have an Intel-based Mac. Make sure your computer meets this requirement by clicking in the upper left corner and selecting "About this Mac." Click here to download Wine and start running Windows games and applications on your Mac.

3. Verify Your Current Configuration

Not every game works correctly on older machines, so before buying and installing a game on your Mac, check out the minimum and recommended setting for that title. Inside Steam itself you can access the screen above and know if your computer is compatible or not.

You can also check on the Can you Run It? Simply enter the link and enter the name of the game. The site also has an application that scans your Mac automatically and tells you if it's all set to start playing.

If the game you want to play recommends an operating system above your current one, just upgrade your machine and run the game. Always remember to keep your machine up to date so that fewer compatibility issues occur.

4. Set up a control

After leaving your computer with the chosen games, it is recommended to set up a video game controller to make the experience even more complete. The Mac, by default, has guaranteed compatibility with any USB controller you buy out there, just plug in and start playing.

However, it is completely possible to use Playstation 3 controls via cable or Bluetooth. To do this, follow the steps below to learn how to set up your Playstation 3 control on your Mac:

So, are you ready to start playing on your Mac?

Could you take these tips to get your Mac playing smoothly? Be sure to leave your comment telling us if everything went well and be sure to follow Apptuts for more tips!

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