5 years of Google Play: 25 Most Downloaded Android Apps

Google Play is the premier source for apps and games for Android mobile users. The online store has a multitude of applications, games, books and music, among many others. To commemorate the occasion, Google unveiled a list demonstrating the five most downloaded apps divided into the main categories of the store. The list took into consideration the most popular on American soil, but many of the items shown for sure may also have figured if we made a list of downloads in Brazil only. So check out the 25 most downloaded Android apps in these 5 years from the Google Play Store!

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10 most downloaded apps and games on Google Play

1 - Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg's social network could not be left out of this list, billing as the application that has most downloaded these 5 years from the Android web store;

2 - Facebook Messenger : Just behind the list of utilities came precisely Facebook Messenger, used exclusively for messages within the social network. Be sure to check out these 15 tricks and tips for the app;

3 - Pandora Radio: Little used here, Pandora Radio allows users to create radio stations or listen to a multitude of others, according to their tastes or moments in the day. It can also be used on PC, browser, PC and even Smart TV, if compatible;

4 - Instagram - Social media are the absolute queens when it comes to downloading utility apps and this list proves it. With the exception of Pandora Radio, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and the next item on the list of most downloaded apps are social networks. That said, the next one on the list is…

5 - Snapchat -… Snapchat, one of the main rivals of Facebook and Instagram! Formerly used for self-destructing messaging, the app quickly became popular and its meteoric growth proved that more authentic content was better than carefully planned content. Want to know the difference between Instagram and Snapchat? Check out this text!

6 - Candy Crush Saga - Although not being much commented on these days, it was difficult for the Candy Crush Saga phenomenon to be left out of the list, considering the success it was a few years ago. The title inspired a series of titles with the same puzzle mechanics in which it was necessary to form similar triplets to beat the stages of the game. We bet you still remember the voice saying "Delicious" when you complete a good combo;

Subway Surfers - Another of the top Android games released near the beginning of Google Play's life, Subway Surfers was one of the first in the endless racing genre. Exclusive to mobile phones, the genre has also been popularized by another game that will be mentioned in our list of most downloaded Android apps;

8 - Temple Run 2 - The first Temple Run helped the infinite racing games settle in Android, but Temple Run 2 was the absolute success of downloads in these five years of Google Play. The title even continues to be updated with new content to this day in 2017;

Despicable Me Minions never lose popularity, even without new movies in the series. Inspired by the movie - and using the mechanics of Subway Surfers and Temple Run - My Evil Favorite is one of the biggest hits in the Android store, receiving constant updates and, of course, countless hilarious disguises for the small yellowish beings;

10 - Clash of Clans - The most downloaded strategy game on Google Play, even with the success of the recent Clash Royale. Loaded with humor, Clash of Clans did not innovate the genre, but excelled in being highly addictive and bringing characters full of charisma, something rare in franchises that were born as mobile games.

Top 15 most downloaded books, movies, and songs on Google Play


1 - 50 Shades of Gray - One of today's biggest bestsellers also repeats the feat in its virtual version in the Google store - R $ 37, 02

2 - The Hunger Games Trilogy - The movie series trilogy has received second place despite its ebook price tag -

3 - Game of Thrones - The first book of Ice and Fire Chronicles has won a series on HBO, and even in its sixth season, the first book remains one of the best selling - R $ 14, 30

4 - The Guilt is from the Stars - Another of the novels that inspired a movie, The Guilt is from the Stars thrills in both versions and has taken hold of it as one of the best selling Android devices

5 - Gone Girl: The Book - Books that have won movies - or series, in the case of Game of Thrones - also dominate the list of the most downloaded in online stores such as Google Play - $ 16.82


1 - The Interview (2014): A famous American TV presenter and his producer get an interview with the North Korean dictator. However, the US government involves them on a mission to assassinate the interviewee. Available for R $ 19.90;

2 - Frozen (2013): One of Disney's most cultured animations, Frozen brings Princess Anna in search of her sister Elsa, who had abandoned her castle and inheritance as queen after an accident with her freezing powers. Available for R $ 19.90;

3 - Deadpool (2016): Marvel's hottest anti-hero stars in his own movie, which tells of his origin and how he gained similar powers to Wolverine's - and his unusual sense of humor. Available for $ 24.99;

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015): Star Wars's return to theaters has again invoked the fever of old fans while bringing new Force users to the most successful movie galaxy. It can be downloaded for $ 34.90 on Google Play;

5 - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): Despite the great success of Avengers, who made the fifth place among the lowest in Google Play were the hitherto unknown Guardians of the Galaxy. The film based on the space protectors group has achieved great success and will have more presence in future Marvel films. The movie can be purchased on Google Play for $ 19.90.


1 - Adele: 25 (2015) - $ 6.99

2 - Eminem: The Marshall Matters LP2 (Deluxe - 2013) - $ 9.99

3 - Taylor Swift: 1989 (2014) - $ 9.99

4 - Drake: If You're Reading This Is Too Late (2015) - $ 9.99

5 - Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp the Butterfly (2015) - $ 9.99

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Which of these most downloaded Android apps do you have on your mobile

Regarding books, music and movies, it is noteworthy to see that most titles are in the range of 2-3 years since their release. Already games and applications, with their constant updates, kept their location as the most downloaded even if they are older - some were even released shortly after the opening of Google Play itself! Which of these have you had installed on your mobile phone? What did you think of the list? Comment with us!

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