50 Best WordPress Themes For Your Website

WordPress is by far the largest platform for website creation, especially those focused on publishing content such as blogs and news portals. Its main advantages are the infinite range of extensions that allow a site to have many features, and the ease of use, requiring little technical knowledge of those who want to start writing on the web. There are also a wide variety of WordPress themes, which are templates used in page creation. We've separated 50 of the best WordPress themes you can use, saving you the effort of searching through the thousands of options available.

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1. Quercus

An excellent WordPress theme for simple, minimalist sites, without taking advantage of the “fuss” to attract a user. Quercus brings 6 demos and various templates to your site. It also allows you to create responsive-designed websites - that fit every type and size of screen - and user-friendly interface.

2. Domior

Aimed at personal sites, Domior has ideal templates for those who want to create a site about themselves and their work, rather than a corporate site, blog or just for entertainment. It features gallery options - good for professional photographers to show off their work - as well as contact page and page templates to include their customer information and testimonials.

3. Oceanica

One of the best options for hotel or hostel owners. Oceanica is one of the most focused WordPress themes on the list, as its templates only serve the business of this industry. Among the features you can put on your site, we highlight booking reservations and support for multiple languages.

4. Hestia

One of the free WordPress theme options. Hestia has responsive design and the ability to use it to build your own web store, as well as being configured for SEO and compatible with other ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce.

5. Sydney

Business-oriented, you can build any type of website to support your business through Sydney. Templates are designed to make your page as professional as possible, as well as responsive design, ease of construction and customization, and access to all Google fonts, among others.

6. Zerif Lite

Focused on allowing your page to be accessed by any device, regardless of screen size. Zerif Lite brings features such as the ability to create versions of your site in multiple languages ​​and the ability to create extensive menus, ideal for sites and stores with many product options.

7. Arczone

The best option for those who work with interior design and want to set up a website. Arczone features a simple, focused interface to better display images of your work, as well as great layout customization and extensive color selection to compose your pages.

8. Blogorama

As its name implies, Blogorama is one of the perfect WordPress themes for bloggers and content producers. The main purpose of Blogorama is to allow your followers to read or see what you publish as simply as possible and regardless of the device they are accessing your site from.

9. TM Francy

If your business is using the internet to sell cosmetics and fashion, TM Francy is one of the best WordPress themes for building your ecommerce. Its main strengths are the ease of use, the large availability of colors to customize your store and the ability to build your store without knowing programming.

10. ShopIsle

While TMFrancy is geared towards fashion stores, ShopIsle is a more general theme, meaning it caters for any kind of online stores. A free theme, ShopIsle allows its users to create contact forms, create sites that can be well viewed on mobile devices, and links to social networks, among others.

11. ReviewZine

Like Blogorama, ReviewZine ranks among WordPress themes for content producers. This theme is best suited for those who are creating websites that specialize in reviews - also called reviews - of products such as mobile phones, video games or computers, among others. Allows you to include image fossils and include a star rating system on pages.

12. ColorMag

Also one of the WordPress themes for article publishing. While Blogorama is focused on blogs and ReviewZine on analytics sites, ColorMag is ideal for sites that produce and publish digital magazines. The very style of the initial pages created in it already resemble that of newspapers and magazines, for example.

13. Spacer

Aimed at professional photographers and designers, Spacer brings the possibility of building an online portfolio to present their work. It allows you to include various slide formats on the main page, as well as mounting photo grids and adding galleries to the site.

14. Swanxy

While Spacer allows the display of works by professional designers, Swanxy is one of the most suitable WordPress themes for digital marketing and advertising companies and agencies. It has a drag-and-drop page builder, making it easy to create even without a web development expert, as well as multiple layout options and multiple content creation modules.

15. Furniture Store

As its name - which means furniture store in Portuguese - indicates, the Furniture Store is one of the WordPress themes specifically aimed at this market. It integrates with the WooCommerce platform and also allows you to create more blog or portfolio layouts, ideal for artisans who work in the area and need to publicize their creations.

16. Parallax One

While most WordPress themes shown so far focus on different areas, Parallax One has a more open proposal, allowing you to create any type of website. It lets you create an effect called parallax in the site header. This effect makes the header look different depending on the position of the viewer.

17. AccessPress Parallax

A theme that also uses the same effect as Parallax One, but on the page as a whole, making users appear to be viewing a page in 3D. AccessPress Parallax is ideal for anyone building single-page sites, focusing all of their content on the main page. Besides the effect, the theme also enables integrations with the WooCommerce virtual commerce platform, among others.

18. OnePress

Another WordPress theme suitable for those who want to create single page websites. OnePress is aimed at users who want to promote their products or services, such as design portfolios.

19. Emilia Warren

If you are a realtor, Emilia Warren may be the best theme to build your website. With included plugins that let you search properties by location, price ranges and other filters.

20. Latify

Aimed at helping farmers to sell their products on the internet. Latify is a fully customizable theme, allowing you to change colors, fonts, layout and any other elements. It also lets you build your site by dragging and dropping elements, making life easier for those who don't have much web programming skills.

21. KidsHealth

Pediatric theme, allowing scheduling appointments through the web and patient monitoring.

22. Oblique

Oblique can be used for any type of website, with a unique layout compared to other WordPress themes.

23. Astrid

Minimalist theme designed for small businesses with a focus on easy installation and deployment.

24. Llorix One

Like Parallax One, Llorix One is a theme for building one-page websites, also allowing for the parallax effect.

25. Blaskan

One of the WordPress themes for bloggers. Allows you to include up to 8 post categories and a session for recently published texts.

26. NewsPaper X

NewsPaper X is one of the WordPress themes for online content creators, with templates that allow you to create virtual newspapers.

27. Gillion

Gillion is one of the easiest WordPress themes to install to create your website. It has 7 demos and can be installed with just one click, among others.

28. Spacious

A theme that fits every type of website you want to create. It has simple and minimalist tools to create a clean and objective site.

29. RokoPhoto Lite

Suitable for photographers who want to promote their work. Allows you to create galleries with a white background, better displaying the display of photos that make up the portfolio.

30. Zillah

Dedicated to bloggers dealing with a variety of topics, Zillah is a theme that allows followers and visitors to access the page quickly, avoiding site abandonment and penalty on Google.

31. Kalium

Whether serving as a portfolio display or as an online store, Kalium has one of the easiest-to-use admin interfaces, ideal for beginners.

32. Realty Space

Although it can be used to build any type of website, Realty Space is best suited for real estate agents and realtors.

33. Health Coach

Like KidsHealth, this is one of the health-related WordPress themes. It can also be used by fitness bloggers, as its format is friendlier to content blogs than offering medical services.

34. IsleMag

Free theme and option for digital magazine producers. IsleMag lets you publish image galleries and is ideal for placing ads on your site.

35. Flash

Flash focuses on serving businesses that need a site quickly, enabling them to create single-page sites with template and customization options.

36. Benedict

One of the most complete WordPress themes on the list. With a large number of functions and elements that you can put on your site, you can use it to create any kind of pages, regardless of the industry you work for.

37. Jevelin

It can also be used to build various types of websites. However, Jevelin is one of the best tools for building websites related to mobile app development, either to promote the app or its respective developers.

38. ionMag

Made for personal websites or blogs, ionMag is one of the most suitable WordPress themes for publishing any kind of written content, such as news, reviews and opinionated texts.

39. Everly Lite

Aimed at fashion or lifestyle bloggers, Everly Lite is a 4 template theme to structure your web page.

40. Naturelle

One of the most unusual WordPress themes on our list. Rather than relying on elements to set up corporate blogs or websites, Naturelle was created with the intention of allowing green activists to set up their page to publicize the causes they fight for.

41. Breviter Pro

Breviter Pro is one of the WordPress themes for web writers and writers. Your site templates allow you to include a FAQ section and author biography pages, for example.

42. Josephine

Another theme for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Josephine stands out for its latest WordPress tools, including new ways to style your pages.

43. Interactive

Aiming at sites that drive the most engagement, Interactive features tools to make the user experience as inviting as possible by convincing them to comment on their posts or share them on their social media.

44. EightMedi Lite

Another healthcare theme, EightMedi Lite enables every doctor to build their website and modernize care for their patients.

45. Generate Press

This theme is one of the most useful for companies that need to adapt or create a new website that works easily and user-friendly on phones and tablets. You can also install blogs or web stores through their integration with WooCommerce.

46. ​​Azera Shop

A free theme dedicated to small physical store owners. Azero Shop integrates with WooCommerce and integrates with Google Maps to help visitors find your business.

47. Food

Ideal for culinary sites, this theme is well-suited for bloggers and bloggers who create related content, such as restaurant reviews or recipe execution.

48. Escher

One of the best, most complete and best known WordPress themes dedicated to lifestyle blogs.

49. Alpha

Alpha is a theme dedicated to assembling and creating professional portfolios for web designers. It's one of the best options for creating demo versions of websites and web pages that will serve as templates for other businesses.

50. Kale

Closing our list, we introduce Kale, another interesting theme for culinary fans who want to share their experiences on the internet.

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