6 best apps for watching animations

Streaming services are becoming more frequent and specialized, that is, there are currently channels that are focused on a kind of programming. Animation fans are especially well served by this type of service, with a variety of applications to watch animations, whether Japanese or Western. If you are a fan and are looking for apps to watch animations, check out the five below and choose your favorite!

By the way, it is important to mention that our list also has options for young children, explore the ideal applications for their children that in addition to providing entertainment, can help educate with interactive games or even teach English and Spanish.

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1. Crunchyroll

The main reference when it comes to broadcasting Japanese animations. The channel has partnerships with several Japanese studios, bringing series simultaneously to its release in Japan. Series such as Dragon Ball Super, Boruto: Next Generation (sequel to acclaimed Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) and One Piece are some of the anime constantly updated by the service. . Click the link to access Crunchyroll and download its apps for Android, iOS, computers, and consoles.

2. Netflix

Despite relying on diverse movies and series, Netflix has been focusing heavily on both Western and Eastern animations. Acclaimed anime such as Knights of the Zodiac and Death Note are featured in the catalog, as well as original and exclusive productions for the service. Among the western animations, cartoons like Star Wars: Rebels and Avatar: The Legend of Aang can be seen.

As you may already know, the service is paid through a subscription, however, Netflix offers a month of completely free, no-obligation access for new users. Visit the official Netflix page to download your mobile app.

3. Cartoon Network

The premier TV channel specializing in animation also lets you watch your attractions on Android or iOS devices. Cartoons like Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go! and Powerpuff Girls. If you want to build your own list to marathon, the app can analyze which drawings it tracks and automatically suggest the list to you.

In addition, Cartoon Network makes early releases of the app, even before the show airs on television. Conveniently, you will also be able to watch entire episodes without any need to log in, Basque search for episodes that do not have a key icon, indicating that they are fully unlocked and free.

4. PlayKids

In addition to being one of the apps for watching animations, the PlayKids app also complements its programming with a variety of educational games and ways to teach children English and Spanish. In the PlayKids collection, works such as Monica's Gang, Chicken Pintadinha and Patati Patatá are some of the many highlights that can make the joy of children and babies.

The service offers over 4, 000 drawings, books and activities specially selected for children. None of their educational programs or games feature any advertising, ensuring the loyalty of content dedicated to children.

The app has even received international excellence labels for children's audiences from Parent's Choice, Nappa and Michael Cohen Group. PlayKids can be downloaded for Android or iOS smartphones, as well as computers. Click on the link to know the service.

5. YouTube Kids

A special version of YouTube intended for small children. YouTube Kids allows children to explore the platform more safely by restricting access to more adult content such as excessive violence. Through the app, you can watch classics like Sesame Street and shows like Show da Luna and Ticolico.

In addition, the app offers extensive options for parental controls, allowing parents to closely monitor everything available for their children to watch. It is even possible to disable the search field, preventing the child from leaving what is automatically available through the recommendations of the service itself. YouTube Kids can be downloaded on Android or iPhone and iPad.

6. Hulu (United States)

Hulu is a broadcasting service focused on providing instant access to TV channels, series, movies, and of course, animations. Unfortunately the service is only available to residents of the United States, this is due to restrictions imposed by law. However, if you are a resident of the EU, the service even offers channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX and more as additional options.

He has a free trial period, but you must pay one of his monthly plans to continue using his services. And of course, the app is compatible with different mobile devices, allowing you to watch channels like Cartoon Network itself right from your smartphone. Do you live in the United States and become interested? Visit the official website to learn more about the service.

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Which of these apps to watch animations do you recommend the most?

Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, the apps shown in this list cater for all kinds of tastes and age groups. Which one do you recommend the most? Crunchyroll anime or PlayKids educational programming? Comment with us and make your nominations!

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