6 best superhero games for iPhone and iPad

As with Android, iPhone and iPad superhero games also have a huge presence on the iTunes AppStore. Marvel, DC and games outside the two giants cater to every fan of masked heroes, whether it's games with more action or more strategy. That's why we've decided to name 6 of the best games to collect and play as iconic characters like Spider-Man, Captain America and Green Lantern on Apple's iOS. Check it out below!

1. Spider-Man Without Limits

One of the best infinite racing games on both Android and iOS is also one of the coolest superhero iPhone and iPad games ever created. Commanding more than 100 versions of the hero, the game has its own story and clashes with classic movie and comic villains such as Venom, Carnifica and Dr. Octopus. In addition to the classic Spider-Man, versions such as the Iron Spider - uniform created by Iron Man in one of the comic stages -, Spider-Man 2099 and the classic black Spider-Man 3 uniform can be used. Click the link to download Spider-Man Without Limits.

2. Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham

Lego has a multitude of game format adaptations for mobile devices, including comic book heroes. One of the most current versions available on the iPhone and iPad is Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham . About 100 collapsible versions of DC heroes are available, and parts must be found to play with them. Although more childish, the game is well loaded with good humor and has great gameplay, serving children from 8 to 80 years. Learn more about Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham on iTunes.

3. Marvel Puzzle Quest

If you like games like Candy Crush but prefer the hero theme to candy jumping on your screen, Marvel Puzzle Quest may be a better option than the King phenomenon. In the game, you advance an original story by recruiting heroes such as Avengers and X-Men mutants, facing villains and criminal organizations for various stages and special events. Gathering the right combinations causes your heroes to blast the villains. See more about Marvel Puzzle Quest.

4. DC Legends

If you prefer collectible games like the classic Pokémon, but with superheroes, be sure to check out DC Legends. Released this month, the game lets you recruit DC Comics characters into a story-inspired storyline in The Comic Night . Villains such as Joker, Harlequin, Solomon Grundy and Apocalypse join the heroes to counter the great and deadly threat. Click the link to download DC Legends.

5. Pixel Super Heroes

Outside Marvel and DC, Pixel Super Heroes stands out for its humorous proposition within iPhone and iPad superhero games. Also following the style of infinite racing games, you'll face challenges such as dodging obstacles, saving hostages, lowering your arm on villains and unlocking new heroes, each more comical than the other. Both hostages and heroes have funny references to other pop culture icons, guaranteeing fun. Learn more about Pixel Super Heroes at the link.

6. Marvel Avengers Academy

A slightly different proposition from what we are used to in superhero games. In a kind of Workout Avengers, the game features teen versions of known superheroes, who must rebuild their hero academy and embark on missions and training in this alternate reality. Its gameplay closely resembles that of games like The Simpsons Tapped Out and Heavy Family.

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Which iPhone and iPad superhero games do you like best?

With games in different styles, you will hardly find one within the theme that you do not like. Know more about superhero games you would like to recommend? So make sure to comment with us and share this text on your social networks!

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