6 Biggest Problems Of Galaxy S6 And How To Solve Them

Despite being one of the best smartphones in the world, the Galaxy S6 can also present some very common problems for its users. While some can be solved easily, others need help from technical assistance.

So that you can easily identify what might be going wrong with your device, we have listed the biggest and most common issues with the Galaxy S6 and how you can solve them. Check out!

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1. Device does not turn on

Many Galaxy S6 users complain that sometimes the smartphone simply does not turn on, even when they press the power button several times. What you can in such cases is to leave the power button pressed for 10 seconds, which should restart the device anyway.

If you like, you can also try entering Android “Recovery mode”, which forces the device to boot. To do this, simply hold the power button and volume knob at the same time. You will see an image of the Android robot lying down, just pressing the power button once more to make the smartphone turn on.

2. Flash does not turn off

Another very common problem for Galaxy S6 users is that the camera flash is being used and not turning off anymore. This happened to thousands of consumers and soon caught the attention of Samsung, which needed to think quickly about a solution.

As a result, the company fixed the issue with the recently released Android 5.1.1 update. If you are experiencing this issue, we advise that you keep your device up to date so that it no longer happens.

3. Problems with the camera

Speaking of the Galaxy S6's camera, you may also be having trouble using the device's native photo app. Most commonly, it will lock or simply close on its own when you are using it.

Apart from updating or restarting the device, the permanent solution may be to download another camera app so that you no longer have to rely on a defective app.

4. Taking off back

This is a very annoying problem and unfortunately it can happen to any Galaxy S6 user. In case you will simply notice that the back of your smartphone is starting to completely detach from the rest of the handset.

This is often caused by manufacturing problems with your device, but it can also be caused by leaving your device in direct sunlight for too long. We recommend that you do not attempt to glue this part yourself as it may damage the unit further. It is best to actually take the Galaxy S6 for service or order a new model if it is still under warranty.

5. Swollen battery

The back can also take off for another reason, but a more serious one: the swollen battery. This is more likely to happen with older devices, but unfortunately it can also happen after a few months of using your Galaxy S6.

In such cases, there is no way. Have your device serviced as soon as possible to prevent something worse from happening. Because the S6 is so thin, it will be easy to see if the battery starts to swell. In addition to the rear take off, you will notice that the load will last almost nothing.

6. Battery does not last

Speaking of a battery that doesn't last, you may be having problems with its charge even without a swollen battery. Many users have reported that after upgrading from Android to Lollipop version, the load started to drain very quickly.

Samsung itself has stated that the problem is really due to this version of Android, and can only be improved by returning to Android Kitkat or upgrading to Android Marshmallow, which will be available for devices in December this year. .

Did you solve the Galaxy S6 problems?

Did you catch our tips on Galaxy S6 problems? Be sure to leave a comment telling us if your device issues could be resolved or if you had any questions!

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