6 Free minimalist games for iPhone and iPad!

Have you always liked minimalist games for your iPhone or iPad? Well, so here's a text that I'm sure you'll love!

We have separated for you the 6 best minimalist games, so you can play a little while on vacation or during a trip. After all, being able to relax with a good game is fantastic, isn't it?

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1. Dumb Ways to Die

I've spent several hours trying to improve my results at Dumb Ways to Die and I believe you'll love the experience in this game! It started out as just an educational game aimed at improving rail in Melbourne, but it quickly became a hit on Youtube and became one of the most downloaded games on the App Store.

Your goal is to prevent the characters from dying childishly. For this you have to be able to stay alive for a period of time. Obviously, as the levels go by, the difficulty increases and you have to be smarter to avoid killing your friend. As you level up, more characters are unlocked.

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2. Don't Touch the Spikes

If you liked Flappy Bird, you might also love Don't Touch the Spikes. In it, you have to try to guide your bird between the walls and diverting it from the objects that appear. But I leave a warning: the game is quite addictive. Don't download it if you want to stay productive! ;)

Click here to download Don't Touch The Spikes

3. Dropped

This game can be said to be a mix of Tetris and Sudoku. Throughout the game you know that the blocks are falling so you need to be able to make no equal number stay on the same line in order to remove some blocks and earn points. Even the app creator himself assumes that Dropu is "what happens when Sudoku and Tetris have a baby."

Besides being completely free, it does not have any advertising.

Click here to download Dropu

4. Two Dots

With Two Dots you will have to connect dots of the same color by drawing vertical and horizontal lines in order to reach the desired goals for each level, and the game has (so far) 110 levels. The game design is very well done and its difficulty is extreme. It may be those games that instead of relaxing will increase your stress even more…

Click here to download Two Dots

5. 2048 Snake

Surely you already know the 2048 game, right? If not, you can read our review by clicking here. The 2048 Snake is a mix (yes one more…) of the 2048 and Snake, the one that played a lot on old Nokia, remember? Its creators warn that their life expectancy is about 20 seconds. How about proving the opposite?

Click here to download the 2048 Snake

6. The Line

If you do not want to send your iPhone out of the window, it is best not to download this game. The Line is very simple but very annoying at the same time. The goal is for you to use your ball to complete your course without touching the walls. So far so good, the problem is that the game's touch is very sensitive and with the slightest finger movement you will already be turning your ball (and hitting the wall, most likely).

Click here to download The Line

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