6 new features of Android Wear 2.0, new smartwatch system

With the launch of two new smartwatch models by LG, Android Wear 2 has been released to the public. Google's system, which rivals that used by Apple in its Apple Watch, has just evolved to its second version and will be distributed to other devices in the future. While waiting to see if your Android watch will receive the update, we have separated 7 new features that are available in the operating system.

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1. Simplified Navigation

One of the main complaints about smart watches was its complex navigation, requiring it to recall a series of movements for all kinds of functions. Browsing with Android Wear 2.0 has dropped the hassle and become simpler.

The only commands adopted by the update are to swipe horizontally to change the wallpaper and swipe up for notifications. Tapping the main button opens the app list and pressing it will launch the Google Assistant.

2. Customizable Wallpaper

Despite the numerous wallpaper options you can use on Android Wear - an advantage over Apple Watch, as Android lets you install wallpapers created by third parties - it is now also possible to customize those that are installed along with the system. You can customize them directly from the device, changing colors and backgrounds, among others.

3. Google Play directly on smartwatch

A recent advantage Android Wear will have over Apple Watch, the new system will allow you to access the Google Play app store directly from your smartwatch. That is, you will no longer need to access and download apps through your phone. This is also good news for iPhone users, as both devices will not need to be connected to work fully. Remember that you can still check the store and send apps from your desktop or phone to the clock.

4. Google Fit Enhancements

Given the demand from many users who use Android Wear to check on the progress of their exercise routine, Google Fit has received improvements in its interface. The app now has new exercises, as well as a challenge-oriented mode, which shows an animation of how a specific routine is done, evaluating it according to the smartwatch's motion sensors.

5. More sensors

As we mentioned in the previous item, the motion sensor is not the only one present in the system. In addition to receiving improvements, new sensors have been installed, allowing your watch to also have Bluetooth sensor, WiFi, LTE, NFC - used in apps like Android Pay - and GPS, among others. Not all smartwatches with the system will have all sensors, however, and their inclusion will depend on the model.

6. Sending Messages

Not only has the Android Wear interface been improved, but also messaging. In messenger apps that have smartwatch versions, you can reply to a message directly from the notification via a small button, similar to what we see in apps like WhatsApp for mobile phones. Google also included quick answers, answer templates already used in Inbox, and Google Allo, its new messenger.

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Will your smartwatch be compatible with Android Wear 2.0?

Although there are still few compatible devices, soon several smartwatch could be upgraded to Google's new system. What is the main function of a smartwatch for you? What are your expectations for the release of the second version? If you are looking for a device that will receive compatibility, check out the link one of the models that will receive it soon to plan. And don't forget to leave your comment!

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