6 steps to setting up shortcuts in Android Wear 2.0

The Android Wear smartwatch operating system is coming in its second version, with some news and facilities compared to the original edition. One is the greater ability to customize the shortcut buttons of the hardware itself, ie the clock in question. This tutorial is especially useful on multi-button templates as it becomes possible to apply new settings to them instead of just defaulting. That is, you can customize the watch so that the buttons open your favorite apps. Check out how to include shortcuts in Android Wear 2.0!

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6 steps to setting up shortcuts in Android Wear 2.0

1 - Access the Settings app by sliding down the main screen;

2 - Find and select the Personalization option;

3 - Swipe down, choosing the item Customize hardware buttons ;

4 - Choose which of the buttons you want to change the setting;

5 - Select one of the applications from the list to assign it to that button;

6 - Repeat the process with the other buttons available.

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Source: Android Central

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