7 Android Lollipop Issues and How to Solve Them

For many people, Android Lollipop has managed to solve many problems that its previous version had, but it still has several bugs and problems of its own that end up disrupting its users in everyday use.

Although Android Marshmallow has been out for a while, the list of compatible devices is still small, leaving many people stuck with Lollipop. To give you a smoother experience with your operating system, we've listed the 7 biggest issues with Android Lollipop and how you can easily solve them. Check out!

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1. Performance issues

Instead of bringing better performance to most of the smartphones on which it came out, Android Lollipop was the reason for so many crashes, slowness and all sorts of performance issues you can imagine.

This is mainly due to the lack of compatibility of certain features, but may also be due to system bugs. Unfortunately, many people only got an effective solution after restoring their smartphone to factory conditions.

2. Wi-Fi Disconnecting

Another very common problem among Android Lollipop users is realizing that the Wi-Fi signal can't stay long, no matter what network you use. This can happen even with Bluetooth and can usually be resolved in a simple way.

Try using “Airplane Mode” for a few moments, which will disable any connection while enabled on your smartphone or tablet. When you turn off Airplane Mode, the Wi-Fi signal is likely to return to normal for a few days. A permanent Google solution is still awaited by its users.

3. Heating

After you upgrade to Android Lollipop, you may begin to realize that your device is getting hot from time to time and for no apparent reason. This happens a lot when using certain applications, such as 3D games, for example.

This seems to be a common trait among devices with Lollipop installed and there is not much to do about it. We suggest that you do not wear protective covers when using heavier apps or games and do not leave your smartphone directly in the sun.

4. Battery running out fast

While there's a special battery-only mode on Android Marshmallow, Lollipop users still suffer from battery drain problems. Fortunately, this does not happen to everyone is something a little rarer than the other topics mentioned here.

If this is happening to you, the problem may have occurred while installing Lollipop on your device. This can be resolved with a factory restore, but it is not as guaranteed. You can check out how to do the procedure in this article!

5. Bug on YouTube

Another annoying issue you may have encountered with Android Lollipop is specifically with the YouTube app. What happens is that the videos just don't play and you get some playback error warning.

This can happen for days or even weeks if you do nothing and there is no permanent solution to the problem for now. What you can do to remedy is to uninstall the application and then install it again. It can be a bit annoying to do this whenever the app crashes, so we recommend using YouTube directly from the mobile browser you are using instead of using the official app.

6. Flashlight turning off by itself

If you leave the flashlight feature on for a few moments, it may turn off automatically for no reason and may not want to function again. This is a very common thing to happen, especially for those who use the Nexus 5 smartphone, apparently.

Despite being a known issue, there is still no fixed solution to it. What we can suggest is that you restart your device when this happens. It can be a bit boring to do, but since the flashlight function is not so used, it should not be so recurring.

7. Problem with camera

Android always seems to have some camera-related issue after getting a new update, which is resolved on its own within a few days. Unfortunately unfortunately not everyone who has Lollipop installed was lucky.

Many users still suffer from problems with the camera's native camera app on their smartphones and tablets as it crashes or stops working on its own. If simply restarting your device doesn't solve this, you can try installing other photo apps as well.

Resolved Android Lollipop problems?

So, were you able to use our tips to get rid of these Android Lollipop issues? Remember to upgrade your Marshmallow device to Android if you can, as the update is designed to improve performance and fix all issues with your smartphone and tablet. Be sure to leave your comments telling us if you have any questions or if your Android has a problem that is not listed here!

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