7 Best Mac Slide Frames in Different Price Ranges

Gone are the days when you had to go to a computer and click your mouse to slide past a presentation. Today there are numerous models and brands of handsets to make this pass without having to be in front of a computer. Using technologies such as Bluetooth, the market has options in various models and prices. To help you pick one for your presentations, we've selected the 7 best Mac slide shows, separated into three price ranges. Check it out below!

From $ 1 - $ 100

1. Laser Pointer Multimedia Presenter

As its name implies, the multimedia presenter has a laser pointer to place the presenter at key points on a slide. It has a USB port and does not need installation. Its range is up to 15 meters and you can learn more about Laser Point by clicking on the link.

2. Laser Pen Wireless Control Slide Presenter

With functions similar to its predecessor, this laser pen also has a range of up to 15 and connects with USB 2.0 ports. It has transmitter identification, avoiding interference from other equipment, as well as Plug'n'Play input, not requiring you to install any software. Click the link for the specifications of this equipment.

From $ 100 to $ 200

3. Presenter with Laser Point Multilaser

Multilaser slideshow has the brand name - one of the largest in the world in electronics - behind it, which means greater trust in the product and service. Like the previous items, it has a range of 15 meters and USB 2.0 input. However, it has a more robust design than the pens shown, making it safer and more professional looking. See more details about the Multilaser slider.

4. Ac278 Multilaser Wireless Presenter

A more developed version than the previous Multilaser product, the Ac278 has one of the longest ranges in this list, allowing it to be used up to 32m from the source. It has a USB Plug'n'Play and green laser indicator, as well as a battery marker so you won't be surprised and unable to use the equipment due to power failure. Click the link to learn more about the Multilaser Ac278.

5. Genius Media Pointer 100 Multimedia Presenter

Also with remote control format, the Genius Media Pointer 100 has the shortest range on the list, only 10 meters. However, its buttons have more functions, which allow you to scroll down pages and transition your presentation between full screen and screen by window. It also has a laser button to highlight important items in a lecture. Check out more about the Genius Pointer 100 at the link.

Over R $ 200.00

6. Amp16 Targus Wireless Laser Presenter

Opening up the range of higher value Mac slide frames, the Amp16 Targus Wireless Presenter has a wider range of functions than other items. These features include a toggle window and pause button, plus an extra button to turn on the laser pointer, plus the forward and back buttons. Meet the Targus Amp16.

7. Kensington Wireless with Red Laser Point

The four-button Kensington model has one of the most unusual formats, evading the “pen” or “remote control” pattern. One of its advantages is its backlight, which allows you to see the buttons even in darker environments. Click the link to learn more about Kensington Wireless with Red Laser Point.

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