7 Best Online Courses to Create Your Website

It has never been easier to create a website and start promoting your content or selling a product or service. A much more difficult task that required knowledge in web design and programming, the emergence of applications and platforms that allow you to build a website without this kind of requirement made it possible for many laymen to venture into the internet. Still, you still need to learn some concepts to make your site look professional, and some online courses offer that knowledge.

We've put together 7 of the best online course options available to learn web design and thus be a few levels above those starting out on their own. This way, you will already have some advantage, since your site will look better and more professional. Check it out below and see also some of the best online programming courses.

1. WebDesigner PRO

The best solution among online courses for those who not only want to create their website but also become a web designer and live by creating websites. The Chief of Design course features over 100 online classes, WebDesigner PRO addresses the subject from its founding principles, teaches you how to create a website to convert clients, and brings you image editing classes with Photoshop and also a guide for WordPress page creation. In addition to the course, the site also markets ebooks if your intention is to learn by yourself. Visit the link to learn more about the HTML / CSS Streaming Solidarity ebook.

Which online courses to create websites caught your attention?

Now that we have made our recommendations, it is your turn to say: What are the best online courses on this list? Which one has done it and can prove its effectiveness? Which course do you think is essential for learning how to create websites? Comment with us!

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