7 Best Ways to Shut Down Windows 10

Shutting down Windows safely can be done since the dawn of Microsoft's operating system. Despite being a simple task, the company has allowed you to shut down your computer in many ways, especially in the current edition. Some are more laborious, while others serve more than one function in addition to shutting down computer activity. That's why we've compiled the 7 best ways to shut down Windows 10.

1. Basic form: Accessing the Start menu

The best known way is to take the old mouse to the Windows 10 menu and then click the shut down icon, as seen in the screenshot below:

Confirm by clicking Shut Down . Here you will also find options to put the computer to sleep (essentially pausing until you return) or to restart it;

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the best known shortcuts, the Alt + F4 command is used to close the active program. However, when using the desktop key set without any program or application selected, the Windows 10 shutdown window is activated by simply confirming to shut down the computer.

As with the start menu, you can also find other options for restarting or putting your computer into hibernation mode.

Alternatively, you can use the well-known Ctrl + Alt + Del sequence by clicking the shutdown icon then located by default in the lower right corner.

3. Using the Cortana Virtual Assistant

Introduced in this edition, the Cortana virtual assistant can be used to shut down Windows 10 in the latest update. If you have configured it to receive voice instructions, you can tell Cortana to shut down or restart your computer without having to touch any keys on your computer. Learn how to enable Cortana on Brazilian Windows 10 in this tutorial.

4. From the lock screen

If you left your Windows 10 locked for use at a later time but no longer need to use it, there is no need to log in before turning off your computer. Just click once to bring up the login screen and then click the icon in the lower right corner and choose the Shut Down option.

5. Changing the off key

If, like me, you have a bad habit of touching the shutdown key by accident, you can change the shutdown key on your computer to avoid that accident. Follow the steps below:

What is the best way to shut down Windows 10?

Usually we go to the easy alternative and use the mouse. However, with some of the configuration changes, you can customize your PC to shut down more efficiently. What is the best way to turn off Windows 10 for you? Comment with us below and if you haven't upgraded yet, check out our tutorial on how to download and use Windows 10 for free officially!

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