7 Biggest iPhone 7 Issues and How to Solve Them

Although it was launched recently, the iPhone 7 already has some annoying problems that can appear on any model of the device. Fortunately, most are not very serious and can be easily resolved overall. If you've noticed that some of the issues with iPhone 7 have started popping up on your device, or if you want to be on time, just check out our special tips below!

1. Weird sound

This is one of the most prominent iPhone 7 issues in recent weeks, especially since so many iPhone users have happened. Basically, you can hear a kind of annoying buzz coming from the back of the iPhone in certain situations.

This is most likely due to the device's new processor, which is more powerful and capable of performing much heavier tasks, which would make it a bit noisier as well. Unfortunately, Apple has not commented on the issue yet and has not offered a solution to the annoyance.

Many consumers are simply trying to replace the model with a new iPhone 7 at company stores, so it might be a good alternative if you find the noise too annoying.

2. Battery running out fast

Battery-powered iPhones are far from new, given that Apple smartphones never receive large-capacity batteries for any reason. With iPhone 7 this is no different and many users are already complaining about not being able to go even one day without running out of battery prematurely.

This can be solved a bit if you don't use a lot of widgets and live wallpapers, for example. Still, we recommend that you do not use very heavy apps for long periods and leave certain features (such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth) turned off when you are not using them.

3. “No Service” Notice

Many users of the new iPhone have the specific problem of being “out of service” on their cellular network after disabling airplane mode on their device. Apple has not made any statement yet, but there are some things you can do to remedy the situation temporarily.

First, turn off your iPhone and leave it for a few moments before restarting it. When the handset is turned back on, the problem should be resolved, but if not, you can still try to take out the SIM chip and then put it back in.

4. Bad headphones adapter

In order not to upset its consumers about the lack of headphone jack on the iPhone 7, Apple has put a standard headphone adapter in the case of the phone. So far so good, but the adapter is already starting to have some problems with several people.

Most commonly, the headset will simply stop working if it is plugged in and unused for more than 5 minutes, and you will need to reconnect it every time. Fortunately, the solution is very simple: Apple has already released

5. The device cannot be activated

The first problem you may encounter is the iPhone 7 activation error as soon as you are about to start using it. This is a common occurrence when the smartphone is still new and there are many people trying to activate it at the same time.

But don't worry, this is not a defect in iPhone 7 and you should just keep trying to activate it until you can. At some point, Apple's servers will be calmer and you will activate your smartphone without any problems.

6. Problems with Wi-Fi

It seems that every smartphone has problems with Wi-Fi connection at some point and that includes iPhone 7 as well. Because this can happen for many different reasons, there is not just one solution to help you with this.

We recommend that you try a few different methods, as one will surely work with your device. First, simply try restarting iPhone 7, which usually solves most connection problems quickly. If that doesn't work, disable Wi-Fi for a moment and then turn it on again.

If none of this helps, make iPhone 7 forget about the network you're having trouble with and add it back to the list next. We also recommend that you take a look at your router, as the problem may be coming from there and not from your iPhone.

7. Problems with Bluetooth

Speaking of connectivity issues, bluetooth may also stop working on occasion, but it's usually also easy to fix. The truth is that the suggestions we gave for Wi-Fi issues also work here.

Try restarting iPhone, turning off and reactivating bluetooth, and forgetting about the last connection. This should be a big help to you, but if you still encounter problems, make sure that the device sending or receiving the bluetooth signal is working properly as well.

Did you solve iPhone 7 problems?

Could you take our tips on solving iPhone 7 problems? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions or if you have any questions!

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