7 common questions about macOS High Sierra

MacOS High Sierra is the next edition of Apple's computer operating system. Version 10.13 will increase the performance of the current macOS Sierra, along with some new features such as the ability to edit Live Photos taken on iPhone 6S onwards and support for augmented and virtual reality technologies, among others you can check out in this text. Obviously some questions would arise and even before their release they are already being answered. That's why we've compiled 7 common questions about macOS High Sierra to prepare for the new system!

Tip: A number of applications have already confirmed updates to support the new system. Check out which are the 14 best in this list!

1. What is the system release date?

There is no official release date yet for macOS High Sierra. In his presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook specified that the system should reach Macs during the spring of this year. The next version of the system is in the testing phase and rumors point out that the release will take place around September 19th.

2. How to participate in the macOS High Sierra beta?

As we mentioned in the previous item, you can already solve any common questions about macOS High Sierra by participating in the testing phase. If you are interested in testing the operating system first, go to the link, fill out the form and wait for the response.

Important : Since the operating system is being tested, we strongly recommend that you back up your computer before installing it!

3. How much does the upgrade cost?

Similar to previous editions of Mac systems, installing macOS High Sierra is completely free.

4. I have an old Mac, can I install High Sierra?

If your computer can run the current version, you can install High Sierra without any problems. Check out the models that can upgrade:

What are your questions about the arrival of the new Apple system?

How is your expectation for macOS High Sierra? What do you think about the update so far? Is there any other question about its release? Comment with us!

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