7 Cooking Recipes Apps to Never Miss in the Kitchen

With the arrival of the internet, it has never been easier to do a little of everything. We can become professionals on different subjects in a few days. The internet has come to make our lives easier. Leave it all simplified. And isn't it that these perks have come until it's time to get your hands dirty in the kitchen with cooking recipe apps?

Yeah! Today, this great world has countless outputs for those who cannot cook. There are recipes on TV, in the newspaper, in the magazine, and on our cell phone, which is the device we don't take from our hands. So, to help you out, we'll show you a list of the best cooking recipe apps so you don't get ugly with visitors.

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1. All Hot

Everything Hot is one of the cooking recipe apps where users can submit their own recipes. In addition, the platform has a kind of jury, where you can test and comment the dish made.

When you open the application, you will find the list of over 150, 000 recipes present in the tool. They are divided into categories such as meat, poultry, salads, cakes and healthy foods. After logging in, you can bookmark your dishes and are free to submit your own and test and comment on other users.

Tudo Gostoso is one of the largest culinary recipes site in Brazil, with over 8 million monthly visitors. Its interface is clean and very attractive. It does not contain bugs, however, has some ads. Available for Android and iOS.

2. Tastemade

Tastemade is a network that was made for the foodie lovers, being one of the culinary recipes apps more similar to Tudo Gostoso and competing directly with him.

Your app features recipes and series specializing in spices from around the world. In this app you will find everything from chocolate cake to escargot. There is a variety of content made by people from all over the globe.

There are over 300 million monthly hits on your site and over 1 million app downloads. While your content on YouTube, for example, is free, your mobile summer is paid for. However, you can access content with monthly limitations. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Light Recipes

This app was made to make it easier and faster for people who prefer to eat healthier. It has a range of easy recipes, from a shredded chicken to a light chocolate pudding fondue, making it a viable choice among culinary recipe apps for those who prefer healthier recipes.

When you open the app, you have access to the most varied dishes, divided into latest, low carbohydrates and your favorites. In addition, all foods are organized into lists of meats, creams and soups, crepiocas, etc. Light Recipes is available for Android and iOS.

4. Fit Recipes

Fit Recipes is an audience-oriented recipe app that prefers a healthier and more balanced diet. In the tool, you find healthy dishes and lighter drinks as well.

The app divides your recipes into categories ranging from gluten free, snacks, salads, meals and smoothies. You can log in using your Facebook account to bookmark and share your recipes. Available for iOS only.

5. Nhac GNT

Nhac GNT is an application developed by Globo's closed TV channel. Its great differential is the presence of videos of the recipes being made by broadcasters and TV presenters. That is, it is the app among the recipe recipes that brings faces that are already well known.

In this app you will find numerous famous recipes and some more specific and elaborate. When you open the app, there is a menu where you access the latest recipes, types, special dishes and what has already been presented in the cooking programs of the channel. Your content is completely free, with some ads before you start videos. Available for Android and iOS.

6. Boteco Recipes

His very suggestive name says it all about what he delivers. The Recipes Boteco is a cluster of all drinks and all snacks served in the bars of the country.

With this app, you learn how to make Provencal potato chips, meat croquettes, palm heart pie and chicken, among other delights. The appetizers were hand-selected and their preparations are explained in a simple and dynamic way. Its great differential is in the presence of beverage recipes, from juices to caipirinha.

You can also share and favorite your favorite dishes and drinks by simply making an account on the platform. The application has some ads, but nothing that hinders its usability. Boteco Recipes is one of the few culinary recipe apps specializing in one type of cuisine and is available for Android and iOS.

7. Pip Recipes

Pip Recipes promises to help you discover the great culinary secrets of your friends, chefs, celebrities and brands. Also, through this app you will reinvent all your recipes. In a practical and very dynamic way, a list of dishes will be delivered in the palm of your hand.

When you open the app, you will find an action bar such as notebook, search, profile and notifications, which makes the tool even more attractive. In the search tab, you can search for recipes, profiles and hashtags. You are also free to share your own recipes, just have a great delicacy, take a picture, describe how to do it and you're done.

People start getting access to your content. To do this, login using your Facebook or email and interact with all Pip Recipes users. You can save all recipes in your notebook and be able to view them even without internet.

It's worth mentioning that the app is completely free and, like most cooking recipes on this list, is available for Android and iOS.

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