7 fitness apps for those who don't want to waste time

Being fitness can be easy! Generally, the biggest excuse for maintaining a sedentary lifestyle is lack of time. We understand that the obligations of a routine can be many and that is exactly why these 7 applications will help you. In a short time, you will perform exercises to reach the body you want!

The apps come with different workout plans for exercising your body muscles, and they usually don't ask for any special equipment, allowing you to work out in your own home.

If you're a beginner, don't worry, we've also listed options that include how-to videos to make each activity easier!

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1. MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Pal is ideal for you to follow your diet and maintain a healthy diet. In it you can register your foods and drinks of the day. Thus, it quantifies the nutrients ingested in the period.

You will set a weight loss goal and then the app itself will stipulate what you need to do to achieve the desired body. The scheduled activities last an average of 5 minutes. The promise says 88% of users have seen results in the first week. Download it now for Android and iOS.

2. Nike Running

Nike Running is perfect for street runners. It traces the course, speed, mileage and pace in real time during the race. Plus, you also have access to a unique social network of users.

It's the Nike + community that lets you share your results, photos, and meet others to share experiences. You can monitor your performance, beat records, improve your performance and have personalized workouts. Go through the link and install it for Android and iOS.

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3. Google Fit

Google Fit could not be off our list, being one of the best apps to track your workouts. It can be used to track your progress during any kind of physical activity, tracking data such as weight, number of daily activities, and even setting exercise goals so you can stay healthy at all times. Visit the official page to download it!

4. Runtastic Nutt Trainer

The Runtastic Nutt Trainer serves as a personal trainer. He monitors his workouts and records everything through GPS. The big differential is the crowd. If you share your location, you will receive motivational messages in real time. This will help you stay focused and complete your goals!

You can also share these findings and appear in the leaderboard with your friends. The idea is to stick with that butt to kill your neighbor with envy? Enjoy and tone your legs with the Runstatic Nutt Trainer.

With varying levels from beginner to advanced, a virtual personal trainer explains step by step exercises in 50 videos. Customize your program to your needs. Download it now for Android and iOS.

5. Seven - 7 Minute Workout

As its name implies, Seven is focused on developing daily training plans with an average duration of 7 minutes. Therefore, the excuse of lack of time can no longer keep you from staying sedentary. The app has different types of exercises that can be performed anywhere without the need for any special equipment.

All activities are demonstrated in an intuitive way, making the app ideal for all types of users, from experts to beginners. It's free, but it also offers a subscription option with 7 Club, it has additional features to improve the efficiency of your workouts. Download it for iOS!

6. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach allows you to make workout plans for as long as you like, from 7 to 60 minutes. The exercises do not require any kind of equipment, allowing you to perform in your own home. In addition, it has a wide range of activities, including different types of training to exercise legs, abdomen, arms, among other muscles.

In addition, the app has some cool features like Fitbit Radio, which can serve as your music source while practicing. Cool, isn't it? Access through the link to download it for free.

7. iMuscle

IMuscle is simply amazing! It will explain to you everything you need to know about your muscles. You will learn which muscles are used in each exercise. Because in it you see, in 3D, more than 450 exercise animations and muscle warm-ups and the impact that each has on your body.

The descriptions help with posture and ensure correct clinical commitment, and you get tips on the best exercises for your body type. The app is paid, and is available for Android and iOS.

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