The 7 Free Tools to Learn the Most Discussed Subjects on the Internet

Are you out of ideas for blog posts or just want to know what's going on on the internet? In addition to subscribing to feeds from the most important news portals in your area of ​​interest, the web has some tools that can help you generate new ideas with what is most commented on the web. For this, we have gathered 7 free tools to know the most talked about topics on the Internet.

1. Buzzfeed Trending

One of the giants of web content, Buzzfeed has a page dedicated to the most viewed content on its site. With content ranging from world politics to cute kitty GIFs mimicking the Hurricane Cart, the Buzzfeed Trending framework can be a great inspiration for creating and formatting your own posts.

2. Buzzsumo

Despite being in English, Buzzsumo is one of the best tools to know what's on the internet, whether local or global. On his homepage, he creates a list of the most commented topics and their engagement in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can also filter by time period and search for specific topics in the search bar. The premium plan allows you to filter by language and location. It is one of the most important on our list of free tools to know the most talked about topics on the Internet.

3. Google Trends

Like Buzzfeed Trending, Google Trends shows the most viewed news on the web. Using a 24-hour filter, it shows the subjects and, clicking on one of them shows its distribution through graphs and links from various sources that published them. In addition, you can filter subjects by area of ​​interest and location.

4. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Despite its giant name, Hubspot Blog Topic Generator is a great tool for brainstorming and offering a list of blog post ideas, whether personal or commercial. The tool is in English, but just take three words - preferably nouns - and Hubspot will generate five headings with these words and, in its own commercial, deliver a week of posts for you.

5. Portent

Do you have a text in hand but have trouble creating a title? Portent is a tool that takes a central term and creates random titles based on the words you enter. Also in English, the tool also seems better for brainstorming than title-making by itself, given the considerable randomness of the results.

6. CoSchedule

Unlike the previous example, CoSchedule is really a tool for getting the best titles for your posts. With a rating system, it ranks your headline and gives you various types of feedback regarding its creation, such as number of characters, title posture - whether neutral, attractive or negative - and missing word types.

Although it is necessary to create English titles, it is enough to do the translation after reaching the desired grade. The tool also allows you to compare the titles created, offered in a list with each creation and its respective grade.

7. Reddit

This social network is also an excellent thermometer for news buzz or published content. A kind of internet forum, the contents are divided by areas of interest and are evaluated by the users themselves. That is, each content can be voted positively or negatively, which makes this subject appear more at the top of the page. Not only that, but discussions on Reddit have already been responsible for revealing important news, especially in the area of ​​electronic games.

With these free tools for getting to know the most talked-about topics on the Internet, you can get an idea of ​​what is being discussed most in your country or around the world by joining tools like Buzzfeed Trending and Google Trends. Knowing the most relevant topics gives you more insight into what viralizable content can become, and with the help of idea generators like HubPost Blog Topic Generator and Portent, it becomes more tangible which posts you can create and ultimately CoSchedule can be perfect for optimizing your publishing to rank better on search engines.

Have you used any of these free tools to learn the most talked about topics on the Internet? Do you also use them in combination? Comment with us and give your suggestions!

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