7 Google Play troubleshooting tips

Despite being a very full and full-featured store, the Google Play Store may also have some problems and bugs from time to time. Since it's the primary way to download and update your Android apps and games, it's clear how annoying it can be in everyday life. If you're also experiencing common Google Play issues like crashes, slowdowns, or the app closing itself, just check out some tips and possible solutions from the list below!

1. Clear cache

Perhaps one of the most obvious tips used in many conflicting situations on Android is also one of the most effective. Clearing your app cache can certainly help you a lot with your smartphone, including avoiding potential crashes and Google Play issues.

You can do this by going to your settings and locating the "Apps" tab.

Click on it and look for the “Google Play” app from the large list of apps installed on your smartphone. There you will see some options, it is important to choose “Clear cache” to continue.

This should make Google Play work well in most cases, so we advise you to test the store before following other tips.

2. Clear the data

In the same menu as the previous topic, you will see the option “Clear data”, which should also be selected if only cache does not help.

As we said above, always test Google Play before proceeding to other steps and tips in this article.

3. Uninstall updates

If the previous two options don't work well, you can still uninstall Google Play updates, as the problems may have started exactly because of a recent version of the app. To do this, go to the same menu as the previous topics and click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

Select the "Uninstall updates" option to get Google Play back to an earlier version and possibly work again. If you want to install a specific version of the store, simply download the file at this link.

4. Clear Google Play Services Data

If you still encounter problems with Google Play after following these tips, you might want to try a few things with Google Play Services, which is the app that allows you to communicate across Google's various services on Android.

Our tip is that you should also try clearing its cache by going to the “Apps” tab and searching for Google Play Services, just as we did with Google Play.

5. Install the latest version of Google Play Services

With that done, it's also a good idea to install the latest version of Google Play Services to make sure the app is properly updated. To do so, you can download the newer file through this link and manually install it on your smartphone.

If you want to know how to install Android apps on your own, just check out our detailed subject tutorial at this link.

6. Reset your Google account on device

If you are unsuccessful with anything that has been mentioned, it is time to try some more serious things. To get started, try resetting your Google account on your device. The process is quite simple, just go to your settings and select the "Accounts" tab.

Then select your Google account and click "Remove Account" to proceed.

You can now simply add your account again to make sure everything is working properly.

7. Restore the appliance

The most drastic measure that should only be considered if nothing else works is the restoration of your smartphone, as this basically erases all data from the device and leaves it as it left the factory. Doing so greatly increases the chances of any problem being resolved, but neither is it something that should be done anyway.

First, make a very complete backup of your data and files to ensure you won't lose anything in the process. It's also a good idea to check out our more detailed tutorial on how to restore your device to factory settings by clicking this link.

Did you fix Google Play issues?

Have you been able to take advantage of these tips to solve potential Google Play issues? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions or difficulties.

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