7 iOS 10 features not on iPhone 5

Although iOS 10 is available on many Apple devices, this does not mean that the system is the same on all devices. This applies especially to the company's older iPhones and iPads, as they don't have enough processing power to handle all the news that has been added over the years. One of the biggest examples of this is the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, the two older Apple devices to receive the new iOS update. To check everything that is missing in both, just check our detailed list below!

1. 3D Touch

While it still doesn't have many really useful uses, the 3D Touch feature turns out to be an interesting touch that makes certain tasks more practical on iOS 10. Unfortunately, this was only implemented on newer iPhones, leaving iPhone 5 completely on the sidelines.

Among the key functions of 3D touch, you can now interact with notifications and, for example for messages, you can even reply to them without having to open the app.

Also, if your apps are grouped in a folder in your smartphone area and any of them have a notification, you can use 3D Touch to check exactly which app is sending the notification. You will also have the option to rename the folder when using 3D Touch to open it.

2. Touch ID

Touch ID appeared only at the time of the iPhone 5S, being improved over time with iOS updates. Initially used to securely unlock the smartphone with a fingerprint, the sensor eventually received more utilities later. IPhone 5 and 5C users eventually ran out of it.

Taking into account how increasing the security of smartphones is a constant topic, especially since today users store all kinds of data on these phones, such as private messaging, email, social networking and even bank access, this really is a feature that is lacking in iPhone 5.

3. Apple Pay

Being able to make payments with just your iPhone is very convenient and gives a certain sense of security, as you don't have to go around with a lot of money or your credit cards. The bad news is that anyone who owns an iPhone 5 can't take advantage of this feature that is starting to be officially used in many establishments around the world.

Considering the popularity and increased use of Apple Pay, not being able to use it can really be inconvenient and we can consider it as one of the most relevant features that iOS 10 users on newer iPhones can enjoy.

4. Night Mode

Night mode was a much anticipated feature, especially since it had been available for a long time to jailbreak the device. While it doesn't require anything much to work properly, the feature simply wasn't available on iPhone 5.

Unfortunately, anyone who wants to use it on this model has yet to resort to jailbreak, which can really be dangerous and open the door to malicious applications and compromise their security. Night mode is really interesting for those who like to use their smartphone in dark places or before bed, for example.

5. Slow Motion Videos

There are many applications that make slow-motion video smoothly, which makes it hard to explain why it wasn't made available to iPhone 5 natively. Of course, you couldn't expect the same results from a newer, better-looking iPhone, but Apple could still include the feature in the smartphone.

Anyway, at least it's not a big loss for iPhone 5 owners, as, as we mentioned, you can still find apps that enable this feature for free on the App Store.

6. Step counter

If you have an Apple Watch, this shouldn't be much of a problem, but the step count feature was not available on iPhone 5 when upgrading from iOS 10. You could only have this function when connecting your Apple smartwatch to iPhone., but now the step counter can be freely used natively on the company's latest handsets. Although it is a small novelty that not everyone uses, it would be interesting to have it on older devices as well.

7. Waking up the device by lifting it

The feature known as "Raise to Wake" is for iPhone to automatically turn on its screen when the user lifts it. This has been around for a long time on Android devices, but only came to iPhones with the iOS 10 update. Unfortunately, this feature was not available on iPhone 5 and was only placed on much newer devices.

It is not really a necessary feature or one that brings critical features to the use of the device, but it is still another convenience that unfortunately can not be enjoyed by the owners of iPhone 5.

What did you think of iOS 10?

Could you take a look at our list to discover some of the missing features of iOS 10 on iPhone 5? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the new version of the operating system or even if you plan to purchase a newer iPhone just to get access to the new features.

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