7 reasons not to buy the Galaxy Note 7

Regardless of the device you choose, advantages and disadvantages should be taken into account in the purchase decision. After raising seven reasons to upgrade to Samsung's new phone, we've listed 7 other reasons not to buy the Galaxy Note 7 and keep your smartphone for a while.

1. Has few differences between newly launched Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

For those with newer Android smartphones or iPhones, it's not worth investing in the Galaxy S7 Edge. Despite having performance improvements over these phones, the difference does not justify the extra investment. Some of these specifications, such as 4GB RAM, are exactly the same as the newly released S7 Edge, among others.

2. Has only one chip slot

Since most current smartphones have room for more than one SIM chip, the lack of a second space counts as a disadvantage for the smartphone. As a result, users are limited to one carrier or, on international travel, requires users to exchange SIM cards constantly. Despite something small, inconvenience turns out to be one of the reasons not to buy the Galaxy Note 7.

3. Without FM radio

Basic and common function among smartphones, Samsung's new mobile phone has ruled out the FM radio playback function. As a result, users are limited to using only streaming music services or the local library of their mobile phone.

4. Short battery life

Despite its size - larger than the average smartphone - the Galaxy Note 7 has a relatively short lifespan. Its capacity is 3500 mAH, lower than the standard practiced by most cell phones today. Considering that even the default is considered low, the low battery becomes one reason not to buy the Galaxy Note 7.

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5. Non removable battery

In addition to the short battery life compared to its specifications, it is not possible to remove the original battery from the Galaxy Note 7. The combination of the above disadvantage and the impossibility of replacing the battery makes it mandatory to use portable chargers. The need for greater investment in accessories, along with the high price we detail below, become a killer combination of the 7 reasons not to buy the Galaxy Note 7.

6. High price for improvements

With a price not yet revealed in Brazil, the pre-sale Galaxy Note 7 has been in the range of $ 849.99. Converting to reais, the value of the smartphone is $ 2, 695.00. Not to mention the import costs and high taxes for technology products in the country, making the new Samsung phone to be launched in the country at a price that is affordable for the vast majority of users, even those who value the latest editions. your mobile devices.

7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be coming soon

The Galaxy Note 7 has not even released, but the first - and big - rumors about the Galaxy S8 have started to appear. The first rumor already indicates that the smartphone screen, which may arrive in the first half of next year, will feature 4K resolution. Even with an excellent display, the future possibilities of Samsung's flagship line make waiting a wiser decision regarding the immediate investment.

Despite its advantageous features and new battery-saving tools and new features from the S-Pen, the combination of high price and low battery life are good reasons not to buy the Galaxy Note 7 while keeping your current smartphone. Given the advantages and disadvantages, it is healthy to wait for what the Galaxy S8 can offer next year before deciding to make the investment.

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