7 rumored enhancements for iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Currently in its tenth edition, by the end of the year Apple will bring the new version of the system that runs the iPhone and iPad, probably coming with the iPhone 8, which will also be released in 2017. Jacek Zięba, editor of a European portal specializing in Apple products, released a concept video imagining 7 functions and enhancements that may be introduced in the future for iOS 11. Siri, 3D Touch and new modes are some of those mentioned by the pro and the rest can see below!

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1. Night mode

Already present in the current version of iOS, the night mode should receive improvements compared to what currently exists. It should be noted that the feature debuted recently, so there is plenty of room for updates in this mode. In the video - which we included at the end of this article - the journalist shows how the iPhone would work in this updated night mode.

2. Multiple users

Useful for iPad users, especially those who lend their tablets to little ones to play. With this function, simply create a new account with the appropriate restrictions and access it every time you give your iPad to a child or someone else.

3. Group Call on FaceTime

One of the leading communications applications for iPhone and iPad users, FaceTime group calling has been in demand for a long time. Given this, there is a great possibility that Apple is actually working on this update of its communicator. In Jacek's video, he divides the screen according to the number of people in the conversation, showing a little of each.

4. Video screen rotation and noninvasive volume control

Two small functions envisioned by the journalist promise to be of great convenience if they come true at the launch of iOS 11. The first of these is to allow screen orientation to lock while watching a video, without the risk of iPhone changing the default because of an involuntary movement.

The second is the native volume control, which should no longer overlap the screen. It allows you to see the volume rise or fall without obscuring the screen of what you are watching.

5. Split screen on iPhone

An existing feature on some Android phones, it is expected that the iPhone can also count on being able to open two applications simultaneously. With more than one app open, the screen would split in half and the user can configure which tab will have the largest size, for example. Learn more about how split screen would work on an iPhone in this tutorial we did for rival Galaxy S7.

6. Game Mode

Something that came into existence with Galaxy S7's Game Tools, Game mode has a basic function: to prevent incoming notifications from appearing on the screen, disrupting your game. Jacek's video also showed the possibility of recording his video game session.

7. Minor improvements to 3DTouch, Siri, and cache cleanup

In the video was also shown what would be some minor changes in the Siri virtual assistant and a new way to access your Wi-Fi networks through the 3D Touch function. In addition, a change to the cache cleanup screen, which would also include the option to completely uninstall an application.

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