7 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

There are many ways to make your iPhone battery charge longer throughout the day, but there is something about mobile device batteries that not everyone cares much about: their lifespan. This basically means how long your battery will actually be functional and can be used to its full power.

On your older smartphones, you may have noticed that after a while the battery will start to take longer to charge and your charge will drain faster. All batteries have a medium long life and can normally be used until you change devices (be it a mobile phone, tablet or notebook), but some user habits can directly affect this.

To avoid suffering from this problem with your device, just check out some of our tips for extending iPhone battery life from our list below!

1. Don't let iPhone get too hot

This tip can be very valuable in keeping your battery healthy, as high temperatures can damage not only your battery but also your device. Apple devices are usually pretty tough, but we don't advise that you abuse it with your iPhone, after all, it's always better to beware of things like that.

This is true for high temperature environments as well as for situations where the iPhone itself gets hot from continuous use or because of heavier applications. In such cases, try to leave the appliance in a ventilated place and do not use it until it reaches a cooler temperature.

2. Remove the smartphone case before charging

Another important thing to improve your battery is not to charge iPhone while it has a protective cover. This can lead us to our first problem and make the device much hotter than it should.

This can be easily forgotten by users on a daily basis, so it is important to emphasize the importance of this habit in their daily lives.

3. Avoid fast charges

Another horrible habit we have with our smartphones is the fast charges we do when we are in a hurry or without the patience to wait for the iPhone to fully charge. This may seem like a good idea at the moment, but it can greatly damage the battery life of the device.

Not only does the battery last for nothing, so you need to charge your smartphone more than once without having to, you end up preventing the charging cycle from completing.

4. Leave iOS updated

A simple and very functional tip is to keep your iOS up to date, as Apple itself offers new ways to improve the battery life of your devices through small and major system upgrades.

A very recent example is iOS 9, which came with a number of solutions for its much longer battery life and offers a new battery saver mode. In addition to helping you with a longer charge day to day, this makes your battery have a longer life and more overall power.

5. Do not let it fully discharge at all times.

Many people believe that it is always necessary to let the smartphone fully discharge before charging it, but this brings more negatives than positives. Apple's official recommendation is that you charge your device when the battery is low, between 15% and 10%, for example.

Another tip that the company itself gives is that you let the battery drain completely only a few times a year, then charge it completely.

What did you think of the iPhone battery tips?

Did you like our recommendations for extending iPhone battery life? Then leave your comment saying if they worked and you have been able to increase the battery life on your smartphone.

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