7 Top Apple HomePod News

Among the many news that Apple announced this week, HomePod was certainly one of the most different. The smart speaker is not exactly an innovative device and has come to compete directly with Google Home and Amazon Echo. After all, we knew that Apple would not miss the opportunity to compete in this category.

Although not so different, this speaker offers some very interesting features. Including some of them exclusive only for HomePad, and may draw attention to others. You can learn more about the device with our detailed list below!

1. Design

As many expected, HomePod's design is very similar to the Mac Pro, but looks more like a professional microphone.

It can be purchased in white or black and is larger than it looks in the photos, reaching almost 7 inches tall and weighing 2.5 pounds. At the top we have a smooth surface, which is where we can see Siri in action.

The advantage of its design is that it maintains simple features and can easily be positioned even as a decoration in your office, for example.

2. Siri

Speaking of Siri, it's worth mentioning that you can communicate with her normally through HomePod, just as you already do on your iPhone and iPad.

You can either ask her to play a specific song or ask questions about the band, its members and other available songs. All of this goes just beyond what Google Home and Amazon Echo currently offer, and is a very interesting differentiator from Apple's device.

In fact, Apple itself states that it is not necessary to raise your voice to activate Siri, as HomePad makes use of noise and echo cancellation technologies to extend voice command capture.

3. Better than competitors

Since we mentioned HomePod's main competitors, it's also good to say that Apple's smart speaker was really designed to leave these rivals behind.

Its sound quality will be far superior, something that will be made possible even by the design, which helps the audio to be spread more evenly rather than focusing on just one side of the unit. To achieve this, HomePod has no less than seven small speakers around it.

What's more, it features a really high quality bass designed from a woofer style speaker positioned at the top of the HomePod. The device also has a really powerful processor and hardware, capable of enhancing all its features and providing a great experience.

And let us mention that it automatically adapts to the environment in which it is positioned, being a device with spatial recognition, adjusting the audio output to provide the best quality.

4. Not so integrated

Even with so many good points, it is important to remember that HomePod is far from perfect. For now, Apple has talked a lot about the device's musical prowess and has left the possibilities of integration out of the conversation.

To cite a few examples, both Google Home and Amazon Echo can integrate their core Android services. This allows you to talk to devices to check new appointments on your calendar or to buy a new book from an online store. HomePod may even have the ability to deliver this in the future, but for now the way is to wait.

5. Easy to use

One of the advantages of HomePod is that it is extremely easy to use. Just put it where you prefer and connect your iOS device (either an iPhone or iPad).

It doesn't ask for any advanced setup or even technology knowledge, and it has simple instructions so you can get it up and running quickly.

In seconds, you'll be listening to your favorite songs through the speaker and you can control everything by talking to Siri.

6. Release

Like most products introduced by Apple this week, HomePod will also take a while to officially launch. The device will hit stores only in December this year, with presales available some time before.

Fortunately, the company has guaranteed that the device will be launched in Brazil, but there is no forecast of when it will actually happen.

7. Price

The price of HomePod is not much different from what Apple usually does with its new devices and is much saltier than its competitors. The product will be officially sold for $ 349 in the United States and should not fall in price anytime soon.

In direct conversion, the speaker would go out for about $ 1, 200 in Brazil today, but you can expect a higher amount due to the taxes charged here.

So what did you think about HomePod?

Could you take a look at our list to learn more about Apple's HomePod? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the device or even if you already purchased one and have additional information to share about your own experience.

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